samsung galaxy s iii

Will the Samsung Galaxy S3 be the New iPhone

Things go in and out of fashion regularly. The natural tendencies of humankind cause us to constantly opt to be different and stand out. We wish to experience the new and never like being stuck with the same thing. In this sense, the iPhone may soon have run its course of dominance. The main instigator is expected to be… the Samsung Galaxy S3.

samsung galaxy S III

Round Two

The last Samsung versus Apple battle was exhilarating. Samsung’s Galaxy S2 pushed iPhone 4S sales as far as any competitor has ever done. The technological quality and capabilities of the product also strongly challenged the 4S. Due to its popularity, the 4S significantly came out on top in regards to sales. However, while the iPhone also won the battle on the tech front, they only just did so, and the new raging battle against the Galaxy S3 will be even more of a challenge.

The Galaxy S3

Described as the Ferrari of android phones, the S3 is slick, high-quality and efficient. Its design, needless to say, trumps the 4S – as the S2 did – and its features ensure the smartphone can never be branded as mere all style no substance.

A faster browser speed than the 4S, is one of the perks the Galaxy S3 offers with its quad-core processor locked in at 1.4GHz – a powerful rate for smartphones and currently unrivalled in the mobile market.

The design of the product boasts a beautiful Super AMOLED HD screen and a mouth-watering stylishly chic exterior.

The option of expandable memory with a microSD slot next to the microSIM port means that a user could possibly achieve a 128GB capacity in the smartphone.

The biggest perk with the S3 is that despite being brand new, the smartphone still costs roundabouts the same as the latest iPhone mobile phone deals. Credit must then be given to Samsung, as the 4S has been on the market for quite some time already.

Only the Upcoming iPhone Can Stop Samsung Now

Whether it’s called the New iPhone, iPhone 5 or iPhone whatever; Apple’s next generation of smartphone is the only thing preventing the Samsung Galaxy S3 from gaining a dominance in the mobile market. Some have even dubbed it the best mobile phone of all time; however one won’t be able to calculate how much of a classic it is until we see Apple’s response. One thing is clear though, it better be pretty darn good.

Michael Richards – tech writer

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