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camera magnetic clasp

Will Digital Camera Case with a Magnet Clasp Damage Camera?

There are many discussion on the net whether magnet will damaga your digital camera. To the conclusion, the answer is no. Magnets will not damage neither digital cameras nor ipod nanos. Since many digital cameras designed nowadays are anti magnetic, thus this should not affected by magnets.

camera magnetic clasp

camera magnetic clasp

Some people have do an experiment by taken apart a digital camera before. The scenario is very likely that if you use a magnet close to the camera, the display on the camera screen is still stable for couple of hours without distorting.

Why magnets won’t hurt your digital cameras?

The problem with magnets near things like laptop or computers lies mainly with damaging your data, and with damaging your PC LCD monitor.

Any case designed for a product wouldn’t be harmful to it whether it as a magnet or not, companies wouldn’t let that happen. the thing with your digital camera is plausible may because you had dropped it before so even a small amount of magnet effect could have effected it. Your camera is working fine in the case though.

The magnet won’t hurt the internal gears or electronics (assuming this isn’t a camcorder with magnetic tape for recording). I will be much more concerned from the weight from the magnet slamming to the LCD Screen. But when the magnet isn’t bulky, but just powerful, then you’ll be fine. Assuming it’s a digital camera there ought to be no issue having a magnetic field. yes you ought to go for any new 1 may be a slight opportunity of it corrupting your memory card IF it’s as well close towards the magnetic clasp. I was within the exact same predicament as you and returned my magnetic situation for any normal snap situation. I recommend you return the 1 you’ve and get an normal snap or velcro situation.

So, under any circumstance, your digital camera will not get harm by magnet. The magnets about the clasp that closes the lid about the camera situation is really weak and won’t trigger any damage. Even a more powerful magnet also really hardly to create any impact about the digital camera. Right after all, the producers for certain have take this into consideration once they make the cameras.

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