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Why You Should Purchase An Android Phone?

Ever since Android technology has come into market it has ushered a great sense of excitement among its users. Before android OS IPhones were available but the limitations of IPhone have been somewhat cleared off with release of Android phones. Presently you can have a range of choices when it comes to purchasing a handset, simply because the number of companies manufacturing handsets with Android OS has increased substantially. Smartphones is probably the best selling handsets in the market and it has only been made possible due to the incorporation of Android in the phones. Big brands like Nokia, HTC, Samsung, and Sony have been going great guns all this while and therefore it is preferable to purchase their products which normally do not let you down. Other than this factor there are several other reasons why you should go on and purchase an android phone for yourself.

android phone

In case of an Android phone you often get a larger screen which is not present in case of an IPhone. Presently some brands like HTC are providing the screens which are as big as 4.3 inches which is a super addition because in case of an IPhone you are only getting a 3.5 inch screen which is not quite adequate for you to do your jobs on the phone. On the other hand in case of those 4 inch and above screen possessing smartphones with Android you can do a lot of activities, from playing great 3d games, up to watching HD movies and so on.

Customization of home screen is probably the most important thing that an Android phone gives you and if you are smart enough you will take that opportunity. You can add whatever you like on your home screen from shortcuts, to files and open them with a single touch. It is not present in a n IPhone and therefore is behind in this aspect. Again, when you talk of the widgets that can installed in an Android phone and used on the go you will not be amused at all with an IPhone because without jail breaking feature being installed you cannot do it and also there is limited accessibility to those widgets as well. Constant updates from Facebook, Twitter along with the continuous RSS feeds have become a regular routine for most of the modern generation people and of you do not get it with one touch you are probably not having a great deal to do and therefore Android keeps its head aloft in this respect.

As for the camera which is an integral part of any phone, the Android phones often possess cameras with mega pixel up to 8 MP and that speaks a lot for them because in an IPhone you will only get a 5 mega pixel camera and also the image quality is not out of the world either. The video recording is also something where Android phones surpass the IPhone’s capability. So the ultimate verdict goes that Android phones are better to be purchased than an IPhone for sure.

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