Who Said That SEO Copywriting is Boring?

SEO is the art of getting search engines to give a website better visibility than its rivals. How boring. Actually, the process of writing SEO articles to fit in with this strategy can be as boring or as interesting as the writer makes it. If you don’t believe me then take a look at these examples.

SEO Copywriting

Oh, My Precious Keywords

Every SEO article starts out with some keywords. However, at this point the dull writer wonders how he can write a passable article about them while the interesting writer thinks about how to include them in an interesting piece. The main difference here is that of restricting yourself to a limited subject matter or style. If you go down the tired and predictable road of “The 10 Best Things about…” or “The Benefits of…” then you are going to be thoroughly tired of the subject matter before you finish the batch. A much better idea is to take these keywords as the starting point for your inspiration but not to feel limited by them. The number of ways in which you can include mundane keyword phrases into clever articles is almost unlimited. Give yourself a bit of mental stimulation by coming up with weird titles and then seeing if you can work out what to write about them.

The Time if Right

Just like any job, copywriting can feel very different to you depending upon when you do it. The big difference between this and most jobs though is that you can usually pick the perfect moment to do it. If you have guzzled three cups of coffee and given yourself a couple of slaps on the face but still no ideas are coming it is probably time to do something else. Sometimes the ideas start to flow in the most unusual places, so be sure to take a piece of paper and a pen with you when you go to the bathroom or nip out to buy some tinned artichokes.

Who Will Read It?

From speaking to other writers I think one of the main problems is that they often write something in the belief that no human being is ever going to read it. They write purely for the search engines and it shows. This is probably a bad habit which they have picked up over time and now don’t even think about. Personally I expect a million people to read every one of my articles and I surely have a devoted legion of fans out there who trawl the internet looking for every one of my published articles. Ok, so I know that isn’t at all true but it sure puts a bit of pressure on me to try and maintain high standards. If you don’t expect anyone to read your stuff then there is no need to go the extra mile to make it interesting for them. In a strange twist of fate, it is by making it interesting for your potential readers that you also make it interesting for you to write.

Mix It Up

It seems as though some SEO copywriters regurgitate the same articles all the time and make just enough changes to them to be able to scrape by. I must confess to using the same joke on more than one occasion but it was a cracker so you’ll probably let me off with that. However, for avoiding boredom while typing there is nothing like exploring new areas and opening up your mind to fresh ideas.

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