smartphone buying guide

Which Smart Phone You Should Buy?

Today people have become used too with smart phones because all of their works can be easily completed on their smart phone. People have believed on their smart phones more than their personal computers. Many companies like Google Samsung, Microsoft and Sony Ericsson have introduced their respective smart phones in the market. There are three major operating systems that are currently trending in the market by the three legends companies that is Google, Microsoft and Apple. Google has introduced android operating system, Windows by Microsoft and IOS by Apple. Apple previously is the most popular and liked company by the users because of the best technology that it gives to their users in terms of iPhone, ipad, iPods. People love these products because they are consistent and reliable with the best features that meets the standards of the people.

smartphone buying guide

Not talking about the smart phones android smart phones are very much popular now today.

Android smart phones – one should buy and android smart phone if he or she is looking for the following features.

  • Best features and applications at low price – if someone is looking for a smart phone which has the best features and full application experience along with the customisations than one should buy and android is smart phone because there are many companies that also introduce the low-budget android smart phones that are very cheaper and also reliable. These companies include Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Motorola and also HTC.
  • Variable screen size and display – if someone is looking to buy and a smart phone that meets their standard and requirements of the user in terms of the display, graphics then android smart phones must be the best choice because android smart phones comes with variable screen size according to the user requirements and benefits. Samsung is the company which is now the bestselling brand for the android smart phones that makes variable screen size smart phones according to this user budgets and now had become the bestselling brand.
  • High gaming experience – if you’re looking to have a real-time PlayStation experience in just on your smart phone than blindly go for android because it consist of millions of games that fulfil your enjoyment and entertainment requirement.

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Apple iPhone for the consistent users – if you want to have the best performance and consistency then you should go for Apple iPhone because it’s the best by according to your choice.


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