Which is Your Pick: Desktop, Laptop or Tablet?

The kind of computing device that you should buy depends upon the use you want to put it to. Following trends and fads will not help you in the long run. At the end of the day, it is the usability. For example, if you are into heavy writing work and programming, buying a tablet will not help your cause, even though tablets are very much in vogue these days. You will need a laptop or a desktop for that purpose. Let us now look at the aspects that decide whether you should pick a desktop, a laptop or a tablet.


Laptops and tablets are both mobile devices. You can carry them anywhere you want to. Tablets are lighter and more portable than laptops. So, they can smugly fit into your side bag or a sling bag. To carry laptops, you will need a backpack or rucksack. Some of the laptops are quite heavy as well and if you are planning to trek for long distances, tugging along a laptop can be very cumbersome and tiring. In such cases, tablets are your way out. At the same time, tablets are not efficient if you want to do some extensive work while you are on the move.

Tablets are useful for surfing the internet and social media interactions and of course, playing movies and music. They are the perfect travel companions if you are looking for some entertainment while you travel. Long flights or road rides can be very boring unless you carry your own entertainment with you. Surely you are not going to carry a laptop to watch movies or listen to music! Tablets will suffice well. However, if you want to brush up your PowerPoint slides or create graphics on the way to your office, laptops will be your choice.

For students, laptops and desktops are ideal. Tablets are not really useful when you want to study or write papers over long periods of time. Desktops, because they cannot be moved here and there, are quickly losing ground to laptops. But desktops have their own domains as well! For durability and backup, desktops have no alternatives. You can carry your laptops and tablets with you but that also means that you are likely to lose them inadvertently. In that case, you are also losing out on the data. Desktops can act as repositories of your data. You can depend upon these old guards to keep your data safe.

As clear from the discussion, what you buy depends entirely on how you intend to use it. Just like you would look at the features of a cell phone before buying it, these different kinds of computing devices are put to optimum use only if you are buying the right one. Jot down your needs and then tally it against the points mentioned here. Look strictly at your own requirement and not what your best friend has bought or what is trending on Twitter! That will give you an answer to which must be your pick – desktop, laptop or tablet.

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