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When Does Your Law Firm Need A PPC Campaign Audit?

If you’re law firm or a small business that uses a PPC campaign to get more clients, then you will need to have periodic audits to know when your PPC campaign is truly working for your business and not just a waste of money. Whether you have firm handle your PPC campaign yourself or you’ve hired a third party to handle that for you, it’s good to know how to tell when your PPC campaign is working.

How Often Should You Audit Your PPC Campaign?

When you are running a PPC campaign, you’ll need to wait until a sufficient amount of time has passed so that the data can be used to tell how the performance of you campaign is doing. If you’re just looking over thirty days, this might not be very helpful. Three months in generally a good enough range to tell what is working and what is not. A once a year audit generally provides a relevant range of data.

Who Should Audit Your Account?

You can learn all about adwords by spending a weekend becoming a completing a Google Certification Program (GCP) . If you pay big money to an internet marketing firm, then this might be helpful tool to ensure that your getting the biggest bang for your buck.

Otherwise, you can get a third party to have your account audited or request for an analysis from the marketing firm that manages your account. If you manage your own PPC campaign, an outside party can act as a fresh pair of eyes to ensure that all your settings are optimized.

What Are The Goals of a PPC Audit?

The goals of a PPC audit are to ensure that the money you are spending is improving your company. There are certain key points that you can look at in analytics to ensure that your campaign is working but the main detector is the growth of your business. Have you seen a growth in clientele? Has your business been growing? These are the goals of PPC campaigns; however, there is also indirect analysis that you can look at.

What to Look For in Google Adwords

Here are four things you can look for in your PPC campaign to ensure your ROI.

  • The relationship between impressions and clicks needs to be increasing. If you had high conversion rates at one point and now the same key words aren’t leading to the same levels of conversion then you are either being outbid for those keywords or something about your market has changed. If clicks and impressions are generally the same or fluctuate back and forth, then this means you’ve got a steady campaign but there might still be room for improvement.
  • Your Click-Through-Rate has decreased. When you look at the analytics for your click through rate, then it’s time to probably changes some of your ad copy or your being outbid (but clicks and impressions should let you know about that first). This means you need new ads or better copy.
  • Is your conversion rate decreasing or increasing over the last six months? An important part of your ad campaign is not only your click through rate, but your conversion rate. If your click through rate is high but your conversion rate is low, then your ads are good but you probably need some work on your landing page or website in general. If your conversion rate is increasing this means your PPC campaign is working and you have no need to fret.
  • Check how much your Cost-Per-Click has changed. This is another key indicator for your ROI. The adwords marketplace is constantly getting more and more crowded and full of more people bidding on the same keywords. If you’re seeing CPC rise but your CTR and conversion rate is staying the same, then it’s time to do some more research on your market and hone in on optimizing the key words and phrases you are using.

If you pay money to marketing firm or a PPC manager, you need to know where your money is going and how it’s returning your investment. Knowing some basics about PPC analytics can really help you do this. Get a certification or use the information in this blog to develop an understanding about PPC campaigns and get access to viewing your PPC analytics to see if you are optimizing your investment in advertising.

Jeremy Atticus Smith is a writer for the McMinn Law Firm in Austin, Texas. He love’s seeing how a PPC campaign can improve a business.

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