Coaxial Cable

What Types Of Cables To Buy For Your Business?

Choosing the right cables for your business is a difficult thing to do. Most companies now rely on different technology to get their business started and running, so it is essential that you can have the best possible connections giving you the fastest and most cost efficient service.

Different cables have different uses so obviously you need to pick one which is best matched to your specific needs. Even though some may be more expensive than others it is always worth considering opting for buying the more expensive cable as you want to be getting the most of out the service you are running.

Twisted Pair

Twisted pair cable is more used for home and corporate Ethernet networks. Buying twisted pair cables can be rather expensive but it does suit more complex jobs. However twisted pair cables do not work that well over long distances.

Coaxial Cable

Coaxial Cable
Coaxial Cable

Coaxial cables are very useful as they can be bent and twisted without having any negative effects on the cable or transmission. Even though coaxial cables are quite common for basic installations there are new technologies being available for the coaxial cable allowing the possibility for high speed home networking in the future.

Fibre Optic Cable

A fibre optic cable is vastly becoming more and more popular choice of cable to have in a business as well at home. Fibre optic cables are one of the more expensive types of cables but this is because it is a lot more durable and effective. Fibre optic cables are made with glass and plastic core rather than copper which is used in most other cables. As it is made from glass it makes it one of the more reliable data cables as it gives a connection with little interruption. Fibre optic cables are very light which gives it another positive whilst carrying information over long distances.

Patch Cable

A patch cable is used to connect one electronic device to another for signal routing. Patch cables give you a very fast connection speed. However even though they do give you a fast speed connection, many businesses do not use them as they only usually no longer than 2 metres so it wouldn’t be logical for a business to have these, however they would be more useful in a home.

Before you buy data cables, you need to decide what you need from your cables and connection. If your workplace relies on having a high speed internet connection for your business to run smoothly, then it is important that you choose a cable which will give you this option. You would be best off choosing a fibre optic cable for a faster internet connection speed, especially if it is over long distances.

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