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axis altimeter watch

What To Look For in Altimeter Watches

Having used the more bulky and cumbersome handheld altimeters in the past, I was very pleased with some of the newer watch models. However, after researching, it became painfully apparent that where an altimeter watch is concerned, you truly get what you pay for.

While some of the more inexpensive altimeter watches will have many of the same features of the more expensive models, the features of the less expensive watches tend to be less accurate.If the altimeter is the primary feature you seek and accuracy is an issue, the Suunto Observer Altimeter Watch is the best model on the market. However, if the altimeter feature is only going to be an added bonus, and another feature is what you are really looking for, you could probably save a little money by going with one of the less expensive models.

axis altimeter watch
axis altimeter watch

Being somewhat of an outdoorsman, the temperature and barometer features appealed to me.The barometric pressure may be important to determine animal movement in hunting or fishing scenarios and has even been linked to headaches, backaches, and tooth pain.Temperature levels also have similar effects.A trained eye can also gauge these two levels and tell what weather is to come.

In my opinion, the most important feature is the compass.If you spend any time outdoors, you should be especially careful to keep track of your location and the course you plan to maintain.It is imperative to retain accuracy of direction while in movement, which is almost elementary with the proper equipment.

So, all and all, after having done the research and playing with a few of these altimeter watches, I decided it was time to forego the antiquated handheld model I had been holding on to for years and purchase one of the state-of-the-art watch models.You can be assured a Suunto Observer Altimeter Watch is on my wrist now when I hit the great outdoors.

Knowing When To Pull The Chord

When you are plummeting with rapidly increasing speed towards the ground the last thing on your mind is calculating altitude. The air rushes around you like a hurricane and you are trapped right in the middle.

That is why the development of s has helped adventure skydivers to more accurately calculate altitude. They record height above a surface, altitude, and also measure altitude by measuring static air pressure.

For a skydiver this is usually above a landing area.The purpose of an is to ensure the diver not only deploys at the correct time but is aware of the altitude at all times.

When your thousands of feet in the air, flying at speeds of 120 miles per hour you don’t have a lot of time to think.An guides you through your decent and can be set pre-determined altitudes.The features and specifications vary depending on what brand and type you choose to buy.

Traditionally models look similar to a clock face or stop watch with a moving hand that indicates altitude.
There are also digitals that are battery operated and come with a range of altitude parameters.

Audible designs are the latest development in altitude recording.These are digital alarms that alert the diver at pre set altitudes.These are perhaps the easiest to use because you don’t have to look at numbers while your free falling.You simply respond to the alarm at the appropriate time.

Altimeters for skydivers were developed out of aircraft’s. Pilots to estimate height above mean sea level (MSL) use these devices. While they are the most accurate way of calculating altitude they only offer an estimate based on international standards. Nowadays desings are adjustable so that pilots can adjust their settings to the local conditions. Skydiving altimeters are used in the same way however it is best to set your altimeter at ground level rather than aligning it with the aircraft’s.This means you will be recording using local conditions as your base.

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