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PCI Payment Provider

What To Consider When Selecting A PCI Payment Provider

Choosing the right Payment Card Industry (PCI) payment provider is a very important part of a business that is going to be taking credit and debit card payments from customers and clients alike. You have to take into consideration what benefits each payment supplier provides your business, including value for money, ease of use, flexibility and support.

You and your team need to be assured that the quality of service is there for your own customers, and that the service is 100% legitimate and safe. People are concerned about having their details stolen, and stories of fraudulent bookings are rife in the news and trade press. It is important that a business checks on their PCI payment provider before they commit, to ensure that they are ticking the right boxes when it comes to the safety and security of transactions.

PCI Payment Provider
PCI Payment Provider

Expertise and Experience

With every external service provider your business use, you should ensure that they have all the correct experience and accreditations. An experienced PCI payment provider should be able to avoid the PCI risk and save your business a great deal of time and money by ensuring that they are eligible for the completion of the Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ). The best PCI payment providers should be looking to provide all of the necessary support and documentation to ensure that PCI compliance is maintained.

The best PCI payment providers should also be able to cater for large events without any unforeseen issues. For example, charity or sporting events that process thousands of transactions via card payments should be catered for without any major issues, to ensure that quality and standards are adhered to throughout. The same rules should apply to retailers, value added service providers and organisations that offer internet payments and billing to develop PCI compliant smart payment applications.


As with all businesses, keeping costs down is really important, and these can get out of hand if you are running a business that takes card payments either in-house, via the web, phone or SMS. You want to find a PCI payment provider that is looking to help you provide all of these services, yet at a cost that doesn’t cripple your business. Providers often provide a managed service offsite which reduces capital costs. They can also sometimes provide an onsite solution to reduce transaction costs. The name of the game is to discuss each service with providers and weigh-up your options. Just remember that it isn’t always the cheapest option that is the best. Be sure to know what services work best for your business before making a decision.

Support and Maintenance

PCI payment providers understand that the majority of businesses do not have an in-house person who will know how to deal with the issues that arise with payment machines and functions. This is why it is important that businesses ask the providers what their support and maintenance services are. Do they give 24/7 support or just during working hours? Is their support and maintenance conducted remotely or will they travel to the premises to fix any issues that arise? These are all boxes that should be ticked before a final decision is made, to ensure that your business gets the right PCI payment provider.

Katie Matthews is a Marketing Executive at C3 a specialist in multimedia platforms for mass call handling and interactive messaging services in the UK.  Katie writes about topics covering technical applications, managed hosting and communications systems for business.

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