What Should You Look For In Your HVAC Technician?

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Your HVAC technician should be someone who can do the job right and do it at a fair price. If something goes wrong and you haven’t yet found a technician you can trust, you might pick the first company you come across. Don’t fall for this. Make sure you know who to call before something goes wrong.

Here’s what you should look for in your HVAC technician.

The NATE Qualification

The North American Technician Excellence qualification is a certification developed especially for the HVAC industry. It means your technician adheres to industry standards and is recommended by the industry. To gain this qualification you need to demonstrate a lot of experience and expertise.

What Do They Look Like?

Every technician should adhere to some sort of professional standard. They should arrive at your home in a clearly marked company vehicle. We don’t believe every technician should be wearing a special uniform or be well-groomed. This is personal preference and we’ve seen a lot of competent technicians who don’t dress in full corporate overalls.

The car is essential because they should be demonstrating they’re on company time and they work for a reputable company.

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Consider the Time

Look online at customer reviews and it shouldn’t take you long to build up an image of how your chosen company acts. One of the first things you should look for is how fast they are at arriving. Whilst it’s always nice if they arrive earlier than expected, they should never arrive late.

The best technicians will only arrive late if something catastrophic happened, and even then they should call ahead of time to notify you of the situation. Professionals who are late show a lack of respect for you and your time.

The Press

Companies shouldn’t have bad press in relation to their work. If there’s any questions raised about the quality of their work, you simply shouldn’t take the risk. A professional who doesn’t carry out the work correctly can cost you thousands of dollars and lots of stress and frustration.


Your technician should have a history of arriving and solving the problem. They shouldn’t have to return the next day because they forgot a part. They should be prepared for whatever might come their way. Only if something goes horribly wrong should they have to leave and come back.

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The Cost

Finally, you want to know you’re paying a fair price for the amount of time and effort put in to fixing your HVAC system. Call around and compare some of the prices for the job. Ignore any overly high or very low prices. The chances are there are discrepancies in quality and you won’t get good value for money.

Although price is always important, it should never be the priority. Always place quality as your highest priority. The fact is getting a good deal might cancel out any savings because the technician doesn’t do the job properly the first time. If you have to pay slightly more to get the job done properly, so be it.

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