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What Does Hosting Have To Do With SEO?

Most of us have the idea that web hosting and SEO are two very different things that have no relation to each other whatsoever. While we are right in saying that they are two different things, we are completely wrong to think that there is no relation between the two. Let us see how that is. Rankings on the search engine are based on the content as well as speed with which the website loads. This means that SEO is complete just by putting the right content on your website. It also means getting your website load faster. This is where the role of web hosting comes into the picture.

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There are certain factors that you should take care of while choosing the right web host for your website as they directly affect your search engine rankings. These are:

Uptime/Downtime of your website

What good is your website if is not functioning properly or it is not available to the people on the internet. Most of the web hosts have an uptime/downtime ratio and it is common sense that this should be as high as possible. Ideally users should be able to access your website 24X7. Your night might be their day or someone visits your website several times during the day. Imagine their frustration when your website does not load sue to server error. This is why it is imperative that your web host provides a very high uptime/downtime ratio.

How fast your website is

In 2010, Google revealed that page load speed is one of the factors that govern its search engine rankings. Although it is only one of the almost over 200 factors which effect the ranking but still it is worth paying attention to. If your website has a slow loading speed it is not necessarily a problem or issue with your web host. Very often it is the coding behind your website and the configuration which leads to slow down of your website. However, if you are very sure that your site is optimized to the best possible level, but is not loading fast then you must contact your web host service provider. Ask the service provider to move your website to a server which has lower load. Doing this will show instant improvement in the page load speed viagra canada online.

Location of the servers

While displaying search results, search engines also assess the location of a website. Therefore, the place of any website on the search engine rankings also depends on the location of the website. An example to explain this scenario would be a person based in UK using a search engine. For such a person the search engine will display sites based in UK higher in the results. To determine the location of your website the search engine uses a number of indicators. One such indicator is the IP address of your website. IP address is assigned to a website depending on the location of the server on which it is hosted. So, you must choose a server depending on your needs. Assess the purpose of your website and then choose a service provider.

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