What Are The Mobility Aids Of Tomorrow?

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Technology is moving forward faster than at any point in history. We’re seeing revolutionary new inventions each year. Mobility aids are constantly advancing and making it easy for those who need help to go about their daily business. It’s also leading to many of these new mobility options decreasing in price.

Let’s take a look at some of the mobility aids we could soon be seeing in the wider market.

Wheel Blades

Wheelchairs and Zimmer frames can only function on ground which is dry and has traction. So many wheelchair users have to stay in their homes during the winter months because of ice and snow. Wheel blades are like tiny skis. They attach to the wheels and allow the chair to move along. They can be used with anything which has wheels.

They’re far more effective than chairs with extra traction because you’re moving with the ice not attempting to move against it.

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Together Canes

The Together Cane is an interesting new concept designed to help the elderly move things around their homes. If they needed to move a vase or a set of plates they might struggle due to the fact they have to take their concentration away from keeping their balance.

Together Canes combines a standard walking aid with the extra usability of a special carrier. You can place a laptop on one of their platforms and move it around using the three wheels at the bottom. It’s essentially like a partial Zimmer frame. It helps with delicate items the elderly need to retain their independence whilst going about their daily business.

Assunta Chairs

The Assunta Chair is a new way to get out of your chair without the expense. Currently, we only have recliners. These are bulky and you can’t put them just anywhere. This is in addition to the high price for recliners.

Assunta Chairs are like normal chairs with a foot bar on the bottom. Someone who’s sitting in the chair can press on the foot bar and it uses their own body weight to give them an extra push to get out of the chair.

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The Oxo Garden Chair

A lot of green fingered experts wish they could get out into the garden and create a wonderful green space like they did before. Any disability or a lack of mobility can prevent them from doing this.

The Oxo Garden Chair is just a concept at the moment. It’s like an office chair without the back attached to it. The back has been replaced with specialized back support. Now you can sit down and bend to do the gardening. The extra back support makes it easy to get up from the chair when necessary.

What Makes a Good Mobility Aid?

Any of these new inventions must remain cost-effective whilst being safe. If they lead to accidents or have health and safety concerns, they can’t go into mass production. The above examples of new mobility aids demonstrate the desire to enable those who lack mobility to lead a completely normal life.

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