windows 8.1

What Are The Advantages and Disadvantages of Large Windows 8.1?

windows 8.1

It has been a while that Microsoft Windows 8, and just few months ago (17thOctober 2013), the company has seen the launch of its latest version, called Windows 8.1. The latest version has arrived with some new and some old aspects of Windows 8 earlier version. Although it may be seen as with some new improvements, but in market it is still criticized for several weaknesses. This has prompted me to analyze, the pros and cons of this latest edition of Windows. The following lists represents, some of its main advantages and disadvantages, let’s see them:


Mobile version

One of the important positive aspects of Windows version 8.1 is that, it takes up less storage space on your computer or mobile devices. According to experts, and comments that it requires a small space as compared to the previous version of Windows 8. As the company’s explains in latest blog that, Windows 8.1 is much smaller in size and would take less percentage of space on your computer or mobile devices as compared to previous version.

Indulge search

One of the key features of Windows 8.1 is its simplicity and speed of processing programs. Such was the not the story with Windows 8, in this latest version, you just have to press start and them you could easily screen the contents, settings, applications, or anything else on the internet search. But the fact is, Windows 8.1 takes the Smart Search feature to the next level, which is supported by Bing. So when you are looking for something , you can see immediate results in the form of facts, pictures , maps , videos and a series of relevant links you can also receive a children’s buffet with the information.

Smarter multi – tasking

The idea to open multiple application windows at the same time is a good idea that seemed impractical Windows 8. But with the latest version of 8.1, it comes with a feature called Snap, which resize the window into smaller screen or in to any size, you want to go with, with the help of simple movement of the fingers. The function of multi – tasking tasks works very quickly, which means you can navigate the sites, when you having a conference call in Skype.


No improvement of the stage Apps

Despite all the stories from the company before release of windows 8.1, there has been observed a little change on the application’s page in the current version of Windows 8.1, in the Windows Store. In fact, only two high levels applications were observed, that includes eating and drinking, and health and fitness. So, nothing really new to enjoy with the Windows version 8.1!

No major changes in IE 11

In windows 8.1, the new I.E 11, has arrived with small amount of changes as compared to old version IE 10. So you can find many old features of I.E 10 in latest IE 11 version . As experts UI of IE11 can be seen as a big waste of time, nothing tangible and innovative. As a result many windows users are using other browsers on windows like chrome, Firewall, Opera etc.

Unable to keep the problems in the version seen previous address

Although, we have founded, the latest version with certain cosmetic changes, additions or application updates, but it still includes previous problems of windows 8. Thus, all the problems that were occurring in windows 8 will occur also in windows 8.1.

Final word

The latest version of Windows seems to have hit the market with a bang, but before using it, it is always advisable to check both positive and Negative. Some of which are discussed above.


This Article is contribution of Lisa Bak. She has written lot of articles on innovation introduced in the market, she possess strong knowledge when it comes to Windows App Development, news and coming market trends.


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