HDMI cable splitters

Various Types of Cable Splitters

If you want to connect your PC/laptop to the TV or projector, you may need a cable splitter for you to do so. Once you know you need a cable to make the connection, then the next thing would be for you to make certain in which the right type of cable splitter is chosen. As of now, there are actually two different kind of cable splitters that you can find on the market. These two types are the active cable and passive cable splitters.

Active and Passive Cable Splitters

If you are using the active cable, the variations of the cable are that you will need to provide electric to the cable for it to work properly. The electrical power supply is required so that the cable can distribute the signal to the desire destination. If the signal strength is weaken due to insufficient power supply, and then the splitting signal will be weak during the process. These could said to be the most typically and appropriate process when come to split a signal into several other components since there are very high possibility that substantial signal loss will happen through the entire transmission process.

HDMI cable splitters

And the other type of cable splitter would be the passive cable splitters. This type of cable splitters are different with active cable splitters since they don’t need electrical power to enable them to work and thus we can said that these types of cables are self sustainable. The cable splitters are extremely fundamental that only fulfil the requirements associated with splitting a signal. The signal quality is getting affected since they are not going to try to get any signal that is lost during the transmitting process. Of these two different cable splitters, you can still find a lot of different cable splitters that can provide you with different amount of ports and also the devices to which they are connect to.

One of such splitters would be the VGA cable TV splitters that are very common available nowadays and is normally used to split the signal from VGA. And today, most of the latest released electronic devices are featured with HDMI connections and therefore we can find the HDMI variations as well. HDMI cables are used to split the HDMI signal such as a LCD or a HDTV. Input to high visual quality displays for example flat panel PC monitors and digital projectors could be split up by utilizing a DVI cable TV splitter.

Other Splitters

For LAN connections and other internet connections, an Ethernet cable TV divider is the most suitable cable that can use to share the internet connection on various PCs. Other cables are including the AV cable, RCA audio, element cable, monster cable, RF splitters, and headphone jack. The AV cable splitter is used to split a simple video & audio input of any device such as VCRs or gaming consoles.

The headphone jack variations enable two or more headphones to be connected to the exact same device such as a stereo system or a PC. The RCA cables are compatible with AV models and are widely used to split video and audio signals simultaneously. Monster cables are used to split strong signal at the same time making sure only minimum signal loss. While an RF splitters are used to split the input that having the radio frequencies.

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