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Two Motorola Tablets With Razr Styling Are Leaked

The Motorola Xoom tablet did not go over very well, but Motorola did not let that bother them. They are at it again. Now they are drawing on their successful past with the design of two new tablets. They will be getting their inspiration from the uber-successful Razr smartphone of days gone by.

History Is Repeating Itself Again

motorola zoom android tablet Bringing back the past with known successful products is nearly always a good idea. Ford, Chevy and Dodge did it and now Motorola is doing it. They are building on their past reputation and bringing in two new tablets to compete with all the others that have come out recently. The tablets may even make it here for the holidays.

Will Motorola Give The iPad Some Heat?

There is no doubt that Motorola is trying to drum up sales against the world’s most popular tablet, the iPad. This is looking like an effort to hit the market on two fronts. The first will be for those who want something similar in size to the iPad. It will be sporting ten inches of digital real estate and something a little bit different. It will also have a stylus. The touch screen will be able to be hooked up to a keyboard making it look a lot like the Transformer Prime already created and released by ASUS. The ten inch tablet will be marketed to enterprise customers and a smaller version will be marketed to the rest of the world. The smaller tablet is going to have an eight inch screen, similar to the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9.

The Hardware Looks Typical For Both Tablets

motorola tablet Both of the upcoming Motorola tablets are going to be molded in the image of the recently released Razr Droid smartphone. The edges of the tablets are going to mimic the shape of the smartphone by having more angular corners. The internals are not that amazing. The processors for both tablets are running dual core chips at 1.2 gigahertz. The accompanying RAM will be one gigabyte. Like the Droid Razr smartphone, the emphasis is going to be on the word “thin”. They are thinner than a triple “AAA” battery and are lighter than paperback books.

The Prices Are Not Competitive On These Tablets

No prices are yet firmly announced but a strange name of “Xyboard” has been given to both tablets. The devices will be running Android for their mobile operating system. The version is expected to be Ice Cream Sandwich but no verification has been given yet. The Xoom 2 did not come out with Ice Cream Sandwich version, but Motorola has promised it will get it. The prices are tentatively going to be close to the iPad 2, but with a stipulation. A contract with Verizon will need to be opened. Will you be interested to learn more on the writer? Kelly works for the marketing department of Wish UK where you can get some interesting ideas when it comes to choosing gifts for your loved ones.

Video of Motorola Zoom Android Tablet

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