tv everywhere

TV Everywhere Allows You Taking TV Program Anywhere

Today internet plays a major role in lives of every individual. People these days start their day with social networking sites like Face book and My Space. All this is possible because of internet access. Because of internet you get hold of one more excellent service that is if you have internet access you can take your TV programming anywhere you wish.

tv everywhere
tv everywhere

DISH Network satellite TV which is one of the leading satellite TV of America has come up with TV everywhere technology which allows you to watch your favorite shows even when you are not at home. The same live channels with their fantastic shows will be at your service with this amazing technology.

Let us see how you can get access to the TV everywhere technology from DISH Network.

  • How to get hold of it?

To utilize this facility you need to get the sling adapter. Sling adapter allows you to get your favorite TV shows from anywhere. This technology is really helpful as you get to watch live and recorded even when you are on wheels.

  • How the sling adapter works?

If you have the access to DISH Network receivers like Hopper, ViP 722 or 722Khd DuoDVR, you need to get them connected to high speed internet service. You also need to connect the sling adapter to the receiver with a single USB cable which is compatible with it. You also got to get the DISH Remote Access application downloaded on your advanced mobile device which is for free. You cam also go to from the PC. Thus you will get to watch your favorite TV shows with the help of high-speed internet connection.

  • What is DISH Remote access all about?

This is an application specially made for smart phones and tablets. You can take the live TV shows and also the recorded shows on DVR with you wherever you want. With this application you will get all your entertainment at arm’s length.

With the wireless connection this application of DISH Network can give you-

All the live TV channels and also select on demand contents. Apart from watching all your DVR recordings you can also schedule and manage them. This application also allows you to search the program guide and control your receiver.

  • How to install?
  1. Connect the compatible receiver with the high speed
  2. Using the USB cable connect the sling adapter to the DVR
  3. Now you either you need to log on to on the computer or otherwise you can also download DISH Remote Access app. This allows you to watch live TV on your smart phones or tablets.

Thus DISH Network satellite TV which is one of the leading satellite TV offers you the TV everywhere technology. With this you can get access to all your favorite programs even when you are not at home. So, now no more missing of your favorite shows gets hooked to this satellite TV and enjoys the latest features of advanced technology.

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