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Translucent Wonder in the New Sony Alpha 55

Before Sony releasing its new Sony Alpha 55, the buzz word for the past one year was “mirrorless” in the photography industry. This year, enter Sony Alpha’s SLT (Single Lens Translucent) technology which replaced the conventional mirror in the DSLR to a translucent glass which let the light pass through to the sensor without having the mirror to flip up and down.

Sony a55 DSLR Camera with 18-55mm zoom lensSony Alpha 55

So what does this translucent mirror do if it is not moving? The advantage of this is there will always be a portion of light falling onto a phase-detection auto focus sensor housed inside the camera for a more accurate and faster focusing even during exposure.

Testing on Sony Alpha 55

Before this new Sony Alpha 55 is released to the market, many camera experts been invited to different Sony centers to test out the latest Alpha 55 with a selection of Sony lenses and accessories. Alpha 55 has newly developed 15 point phase-detection auto focus array with 3 cross-type AF points. It houses a 16.2MP APS-C CMOS sensor (1.5x crop) and is capable of recording 1080p AVCHD movies with continuous focus. It fires up to 10 frames per second in stills mode with a maximum ISO range of 12,800. You have an option to store your images in SD card or Memory Stick as it comes with both slots.

It has an excellent LCD and Electronic Viewfinder for different shooting conditions. For serious travelers, the built in GPS will be good for organizing your travel pictures. Its auto panorama shooting mode is a nice feature to have, but you will need to test it a few times to get the hang of it. You may as well produce the photos to turn into 3D, even though the 3D mode is not really promising. In case the sweeping movement is not really smooth enough, then it is going to ruin the finished picture. You are able to view the 3D snaps via HDMI with a 3D-capable television.

It is quite excellent for both video and still image features for this Sony Alpha 55. It is especially sturdy for noise performance in low light. The camera able to shoot for rich color and metering is also efficient. The bracketing modes can o do a top job of mixing several frames as well to bring out extra fine detail, and even improve low-light shots.

Sony a55 DSLR Camera with 18-55mm zoom lensSony Alpha 55 camera

Features Highlighted for Sony Alpha 55

– The LCD screen was clear and bright, allowing you to fine tune the focus on shooting the still objects.

– The Sony Alpha 55 able to produces brilliant colors for the photos that you shoot.

– The 16.2MP CMOS sensor for this Sony Alpha 55 is able to render fine detail and make the most of this lens.

– High ISO shots proved to be a breeze with the Sony Alpha 55 camera. Focusing was fast and accurate as well.

– Sony’s 50mm macro lens is a good match for the 16.2MP sensor of the Sony Alpha 55 DSLR camera.

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