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Top Tech Investments That Will Modernise Your Organisation

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Technology and business are these days more closely interlinked than ever before, and it is now almost impossible to run a business without considering the latest technology and either having some knowledge of your own on the matter or consulting with someone who does. And with technology moving at such a pace, it’s crucial to stay up-to-date by investing in the best hardware and software to help you work faster and more efficiently. But that’s not enough either, you also need to be looking constantly for new ways to use that hardware and software, and to take advantage of new opportunities that are created by changes in the technological landscape: failure to do so will leave you trailing in the dust while your competition storms ahead.

Before you let that happen then, read on to see the kinds of areas you might need to invest in next for your company’s tech.


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There are tons of devices out there that could be useful in the office that you may not be currently using and a new computer or smartphone doesn’t stay new for very long. A Bluetooth headset for instance might allow you to take calls when you’re on the road, a Galaxy Note 3 might let you sign off on PDF documents while you’re on the move, or a Surface Pro might be the perfect device for up-right work and seated work.

The Cloud:

If your office isn’t currently using the cloud for collaborative work or easy backup, then that’s yet another big trick that you’re missing. Show your boss how SkyDrive, Google Drive or DropBox could change your workflow and then let the praising commence…

Website Features:

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If you want to let your customers and clients contact you immediately in a way that’s convenient for them, then you could use online chat in order to speak to them through your website. If you are stretched for available staff, then you could even invest in a ‘robot’ to respond to some basic questions as a ‘filter’ – just make sure that your customers can get through to an actual operator if they want to. FAQs can also be very useful and will often save everyone a lot of time – so make sure you have that section on your site.

Another useful feature to add is ‘call back’. Use forms on your websites to allow your customers to put themselves in a queue, then call them back as soon as you can – that way they don’t have to wait and they don’t have to waste money.

There are many more features too that can help you add more to your site, so make sure that you don’t rest on your laurels and that you have your site regularly updated to keep it modern and useful. Is your website suitable for mobile? Does it fit a modern aesthetic?

Apps and Software:

The right software can make all the difference to your workflow and is essentially the equivalent of a forklift truck for office work. And if no software exists that’s relevant to your company… then perhaps you could commission some to be written?

Likewise it may be that there are specific apps that your company could benefit from using and that would give you more tools for getting your work done. In that case you need to ensure that your phones can a) access that app in their respective app store, and b) run them using the in-built hardware – then it’s just a matter of downloading them. Again though, if no apps exist then perhaps you could commission them to be made to give your organisation the flexibility it needs to get an edge.

Internet Marketing: Having a website is the first step towards increasing your company’s visibility online, but there’s much more to it than that. Creating a mailing list, doing SEO, getting onto social networks and launching PPC advertising campaigns can all help you to generate more leads and to increase your visibility. Go to long without promoting yourself online properly and you’ll be fighting years’ worth of your competition’s online promotion.

So what are you waiting for?

Nancy Baker, the author of this article, is a freelance blogger, currently writing for, Concept Plus, leading suppliers of promotional merchandise in Canada. She is excellent at ice hockey and has a commendable coin collection. You can reach Nancy via Twitter @Nancy_Baker_.


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