Top 5 TVs under $500

Home theater systems make excellent holiday gifts for that special someone, but in this economy it can be a challenge to find affordable products. Fortunately, online TV reviews provide a great resource for consumers by showing them the best deals they can find anywhere. The following 32” TVs picked by both users and expert reviewers, for instance, can be purchased for under $500, yet they offer a lot of great features that make them perfect for shoppers on a tight budget.

1.    JVC JLC32BC3000


JVC, which has been making TVs for over 70 years, is also known for producing quality audio at an affordable price. Reviewers praise this LCD TV primarily because it features 1080p resolution, which is usually found on more expensive models. This TV also contains a decent onboard sound system, making it a great choice for those who can’t afford extra audio equipment. This model has only two HDMI ports, however, which may be discouraging to those with extra peripherals, but it is the least expensive TV on this list.

2.    SAMSUNG UN32D4000


Samsung produces many of the most popular LCD TVs because they offer a great picture at a reasonable price. This model uses newer LED technology for a thinner, lighter design. Reviewers also love how it has four HDMI inputs for all their peripheral devices. Other features include ConnectShare, which allows users to connect a flash drive to play media files, and Color Enhancer Plus to improve image quality. The only downside is its 720p resolution, though most TV reviews claim that the picture quality does not suffer unless a higher refresh speed is needed for games.

3.    LG 32LK450

LG 32LK450

LG, another popular LCD TV seller, offers 1080p resolution at a budget price with this model. Reviewers also praise its high sound quality and the fact that it offers headphone input if they want to watch their favorite shows without disturbing anyone. This model also features three HDMI inputs, a PC input and a USB 2.0 port for all those peripherals, and several picture adjustment functions that enable it to produce a great picture in any viewing room.

4.    SAMSUNG LN32D5503

Samsung offers another LCD TV with great bang for the buck with this model, which offers the coveted 1080p resolution found in more expensive TVs, as well as four HDMI inputs to satisfy most peripheral needs. In addition, it carries the ConnectShare input and Color Enhancer features found on the UN32D4000. Reviewers have also praised its sound quality and ability to display DVD media close to the quality of Blu-ray.



Sony is known for making some of the best LCD HDTVs on the market, but often their models tend to be more expensive. This one from the BRAVIA line offers the best picture available at this price range, with 1080p resolution and many kinds viewing modes for any room. In addition, it offers USB connectivity that allows users to attach flash drives to play their favorite media files. Unfortunately, this model only has two HDMI inputs, which is why some TV reviews prefer the Samsung models mentioned above.

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