Top 5 More Faster’s Smart Phones

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With the onset of a new generation, where computers get smaller and denser but smartphones get bigger and powerful day by day, there is an endless scope for buying a gadget in today’s market.

Says a leading blog commenter – ‘in about twelve years computers and phones will get indistinguishable, at the present rate of advancement. ‘

Which is almost true? If you proceed to buy a ‘powerful’ smartphone in today’s time, you will be shocked at their specifications, which get improvised upon day by day. For instance, i (the writer) was searching for a suitable phone to buy online, since my Nokia 5233 has been outdated for a long time and i badly need a new one.

I was shocked at the ratings of today’s smartphones, which would other/vise has been comparable with desktops ten years ago. And here are the top 5 faster’s smart phones i found out.


HTC one X – This was the one that stunned me. It has a processor rating of 1.5 GHZ, quad-core, with an extra video processing chip onboard, the NVidia Tegra 3. To those who aren’t familiar with the statistics, 1.5 is a huge chunk for a smartphone. And it’s almost three-fourth as powerful as your computer.

Though released a few months back, it has completely taken over the market and is very popular with geeks and smartphone enthusiasts. And yeah, it boasts the second latest version of android, the ice cream sandwich (4.03), which is unique and not many phones run.

Apps and gaming is a breeze on this phone, and it has such power that if you tilt the phone when a video is playing, it’ll automatically convert it to the new aspect ratio.

The Nokia Lumia 800 – Nokia has since long taken the top chair in the smartphone market over the manufacturing of reliable hardware. And the Lumia 800 demonstrates Nokia’s power.

With a processing speed of 1.4 GHZ, dual core, and a separate graphics chip, it is a hell of a phone with stunning graphics and an ultra-responsive touch. And yes, i stand for it being the second because I’ve tried it in a drop test, and nothing happened, not even a scratch on its carbon fibre body.

And another reason i stand for it is because it runs on windows 7.5 (mango) which may help a lot for windows obsessed people.

The Samsung Galaxy note – It has the exact same processor rating as the Nokia Lumia, except for that it has gargantuan dimensions and is very sleek, and holding it feels not unlike holding a tile. It was an attempt by Samsung to take on the smartphone and tablet market simultaneously and was greatly successful at that. It runs on android 2.3.6 and rumors are around that it will soon be updated to 4.0.

Sony Xperia play/ neo v – Both the versions have same processor ratings, pegged at 1.3 GHZ, dual core, and an NVidia Tegra 3 graphics chip, but optimized for different purposes. The Play is more like a touchscreen psp, with slide up controls that make it a full fledged psp. The neo v is suited for most general purposes, and high quality video and photo capturing. Both run on a customized firmware, android 2.3.5.

The Samsung Galaxy s2 – Last but not the worst, the galaxy s2 has a processor rating of 1.2 GHZ, with an extra chip for graphics and battery saving. It runs on android 2.3, but an update is available to 4.0.

Many might wonder why Iphone 4s hasn’t made it to this list with its pretty decent processor and even quicker up. That’s because it isn’t classified as a smartphone, since it lags behind in the customizations and versatility of a smartphone.

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