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Top 5 Android Apps For Business Professionals

The android operating system, since its release in October 22 2008 has become an increasingly popular operating system in the market today. A growing number of developers have been drawn by this popularity and have developed numerous application for the system both for business and for pleasure. The top 5 most used application by business professionals who operate on the Android system are as follows.

  1. Quickoffice: This application is free from Google. Its main purpose is to enable a user to create and edit Microsoft office documents, presentations and spreadsheets on an Android device. Users can sign in with their Google account and have the option to save their work in the Google drive which provides up to 15 GB of free storage space and also provides accessibility of the files from a mobile device or computer. It also enables a user to open and view PDF files and provides the option to attach files to emails if required
  2. OfficeSuite 7: This is a widely popular business application. Its developers are Mobile Systems Inc. It has a normal version which is free and a pro version which costs about $14.99. It is basically an open document viewer that enables users to open, view, share and even print native Microsoft files. It also has been integrated with cloud storage services such as GoogleDrive, DropBox, SkyDrive, Box and SugarSync which provide users with numerous optionsin the management of various files and attachments. It also includes features to make your work easier and exciting like multi-touch support, two-fingers zoom, pop-up menus and context toolbars. It also includes a Bluetooth and email file sharing option. Available in 56 different languages and is a must have for users who normally perform any kind of business on an Android system

3. Mobile Doc Scanner: This is an application developed by Stoik Soft. It has a lite version which is free and a paid version which costs about $4.99. It is an extremely powerful application that enables users to scan any type of document, then convert it into PDF format and share it from the device. The app automatically corrects distortion, detects borders and equalizes brightness at a high speed to create documents which are clear and can be easily read. it also offers a batch shooting mode for extremely fast scanning so that users can scan multiple amount of files within a very short time. It also has uploading features which upload to social networks like Facebook and Twitter, email services or to cloud services like GoogleDocs, DropBox, Box.net.

4. DW Contacts: This is an application developed by DW-P. it has 2 versions, the normal version is free and the pro version costs about $9.80 It enables a user to manage both contacts and phone functions within the in-call widget to write and view notes about the users call, search contacts based on attributes, filter contacts based on groups and configure the whole layout.

5. Boomerang: This is a free email application from android which integrates with Gmail and Google apps only. It mainly features advance functionality like scheduling email for later, response tracking, snoozing emails and others that let you use your Gmail efficiently and lets you stay organized.

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