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battle monkeys

Top 10 Free & Fun Mobile Games To Play With Friends

Mobile gaming continues to offer new and exciting opportunities to anyone hoping to spice up their daily commute or dreary lunch break. Now though, there’s a huge range of exciting multiplayer mobile games you can enjoy with your friends, and we’ve assembled this list of the top ten to guide you to gaming glory.

1.    Battle Monkeys Multiplayer

Battle Monkeys sees you take control of a range of fully customisable monkeys and battle opponents for glory. Featuring 3D graphics, customisable outfits, unlockable content / weaponry and an integrated ranking system, this is everything you could ever want from a goofy fighting game. The game’s producers even hold tournaments where players can win prizes.

battle monkeys


For a more serious fighting adventure, players can enjoy Wi-Fi multiplayer connectivity in Street Fighter 1V: VOLT. You can choose to take your friends on directly, or team up with them to compete in tournaments. The game features all the great fighting moves, combos and characters that propelled the game to popularity as a console venture.

3.    Worms 2: Armageddon

A simple, turn based strategy game franchise that has remained consistently popular for over 18 years. Worms 2 offers all the explosions, cheesy lines and kamikaze tactics that have propelled console versions of the game to legendary status amongst veteran gamers. This mobile version comes with the added bonus of multiplayer game modes that boast exceptionally fast matchmaking technology.

4.    Solstice Arena

An innovative Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game, Solstice Arena feels a lot like League of Legends, the PC game, but offers a much more compact, and as such faster gaming experience. The game is centred on teams of 3 battling it out in a bid to destroy enemy bases whilst protecting their own, and features a wealth of unlockable characters, items and abilities.


Based on the original ZOOKEEPER puzzle game that tasked players with matching animal panels together in order to “catch” the animals, this game adds a multiplayer element by assigning the various animals DEFENCE and ATTACKS stats. The idea is that at the end of each round, two rival players pit the animals they have caught against each other, and these stats decide the outcome. This is a truly ingenious way to add a competitive edge to what was once merely a game for one.

6.    Battle Run S2

Following the familiar side scrolling speed run formula, Battle Run S2 offers all the fast-paced, gimmick-packed and explosive action you could ever ask for. You race your opponent through a randomly generated universe making use of power ups, pets and experience-based unlocks in a battle of guile and reaction speed. Blink at your peril!

7.    Pathogen

Pathogen integrates elements of chess and Reversi to create a game where players place cells on a board in a bid to help spread an infection. The game features a walk through to help you get to grips with things, as well as computer opponents which vary in difficulty, besides the multiplayer functionality which allows you to take on up to three opponents at once.

8.    Asphalt 8: Airborne

When it comes to graphics, this is one of the most impressive racing games you are likely to find for your mobile device. Featuring a huge range of tracks, vehicles, challenges and unlockable content this is also a pretty extensive racing adventure. The multiplayer function also ensures that lag does not affect competitive play, meaning there are no excuses for losing!

9.    Anomaly 2

Following earth’s 2018 invasion by extra-terrestrial, Anomaly 2 sees you command a convoy of offensive vehicles through beautifully crafted battlefields in a bit to take down alien towers and defend mankind from extinction. The multiplayer function also allows you to play as the aliens, and defend your towers from your friends’ assaults. Resource management and unit micromanagement play a key role in this highly strategic game.

10.  N.O.V.A. 3

Clearly inspired by the highly successful Call of Duty format, NOVA 3 sees you take on your friends in a first person shooter adventure featuring a wide range of game modes every CoD fan will be familiar with. Choose between team death match, capture the flag and even more creative game modes, as well as, commandeering mechanical battle suits to pack an extra punch — certainly a gaming experience worthy of any console, let alone mobile device.

Share with us your thoughts on the action packed titles listed above, or let us know if you’ve discovered something special you think deserves a place here – leave a comment below!

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