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Top 10 Best Church Management Software For Mac

Church management software assist many churches of any size in managing their membership, finances and other aspects of their activities. If you’re looking for the right program for your Mac computer, this list should get you started.

10. Fellowship One

Fellowship One is an online church management software application that lets you access your membership data anytime using any computer.

It records household and contact information of all your members and contains automatic task routing so that everyone can be involved in church activities. It will also help you send email newsletters to all your members. Most importantly, it has an extensive reporting system that helps you identify any troubling trends in your church.

9. Ministry Master Software

Ministry Master Software is another tool for tracking and organizing your church’s member records. It boasts a GPS (gifts, positions, skills) module which identifies the abilities that each member has. This module is customizable to your needs.

8. ProclaimCRM

Another web-based tool for church management is ProclaimCRM. This program can be accessed by any computer using any web browser. This application has an intuitive design and an easy-to-use interface. It is also highly customizable because it allows you to add forms, fields and reports that would suit your needs.

ProclaimCRM has robust tools for queries and a dashboard to help you easily manage your church data. Additionally, this online church management software application is scalable and can be used by small to large churches.

7. Church Community Builder

To build a closer church community, another application to use is Church Community Builder. This software has a solid system that keep records of your membership and other measurable data for your church. It has a wide range of tools that can be useful for you such as communication tools for keeping members well-informed, calendar tools for organizing events as well as social media and web integration tools.

6. Religious Suite for Mac

Religious Suite for Mac is an application with a full range of features for church management. This program can help you to easily keep track of members in small and large church groups.

Aside from its detailed membership records, this software application can also help you manage cash receipts and disbursements. Furthermore, it has tools for tracking attendance, donations and pledges, committees, deceased members, call scripts, and others.

5. Church Membership Keeper

Another church management software application suitable for Mac is Church Membership Keeper. This program allows you to keep records of your members including their children. It can also track the involvement of the members in ministries aside from pledges, tithes, donations, anniversaries and birthdays. It also has a built-in feature for printing labels, post cards, letters, picture directories, and financial reports among others.

4. Roll Call Church Management Software

To manage your membership and finances, you could also use Roll Call church management software. This application allows you to have a centralized database for your church records. It can keep track of attendance and members with talents or skills that you could use in the church, as well as pledges, donations and tithes.

Roll Call has a feature for sending emails, letters or texts to members. It also allows you to print directories in-house.

3. CDM Church Management Software

As an application for church management, CDM has one of the most comprehensive features to keep track of attendance, membership records and contributions. This program is also highly customizable for your needs. It has a simple and intuitive menu system that you can easily use.

Aside from its basic features, you could also purchase add-ons such as Roommate Facilities Manager and Event Registration.

2. ChurchTrac

ChurchTrac is an online application for managing churches. Its main feature is a tool for keeping a record of members, prospective members and guests. This program can record important dates such as baptisms and anniversaries. You can also use it to send communications to members via texts, voice and email formats.


ChurchTrac is capable of tracking your church finances including contributions, balance sheet accounts and other financial statements.

1. Church Office Online

Church Office Online is another web-based tool that lets you manage your church records and activities more efficiently. Its feature set includes tools for creating member directories and a calendar of activities. You can use this application to send mass texts or email messages to your members. It can also be used to track online giving. Furthermore, it has a child check-in feature to help protect children while at church.

The software applications listed above are just some of the best church management software available for Mac. Most of these programs are web-based. If you know of other software for Mac that can be used for managing churches, please let us know in your comments.

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