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The biggest selling point of Android is the choices it lets its users make. While its biggest competitor, the iPhone, is produced with one model and limited variations, Android devices come in hundreds of variations. There are more than a dozen companies manufacturing Android smartphones today. Understandably, it’s hard for the consumer to figure out who is the best manufacturer when there are so many options. We’ve decided to help out. Here are our top three Android phone manufacturers.


Samsung has really worked its way into the hearts of Android fans over the last year and a half. Starting with its original line of Galaxy S devices in 2010, Samsung showed that it had a flair for style. Later that same year, the company partnered with Google to build the company’s Nexus S. The Nexus S shared a lot of the same design virtues as the Galaxy S, but had features such as a curved display. Samsung makes Super AMOLED screens, arguably the best looking screens on the planet. With the Galaxy S II series and the upcoming Galaxy Nexus, Samsung looks poised to stay on top.


The maker of the original Droid, Motorola knows how to build a reliable phone. Their devices are usually ahead of their time. The current craze of big screens on smartphones can trace its roots back to the original Droid X, a phone that was among the first to have a 4.3-inch screen. Motorola is actually preferred by many to Samsung, since their strength is one of Samsung’s weak spots. One of the frequent complaints about Samsung is that some of their older devices felt like cheap plastic. Motorola’s build quality is outstanding. They use premium materials in their Android devices, ensuring that they’re up to the task. Case in point: The upcoming Droid RAZR has Gorilla Glass, a Kevlar fiber coating, and is splash resistant. Oh, and it’s just 7.7 millimeters thick. Motorola knows how to make quality devices.


HTC’s slogan is “Quietly brilliant.” Fans of their hardware know that this is the the truth. While others shipped rectangular brick phones, HTC was one of the first Android manufacturers to start shipping smooth devices with rounded corners and sleek profiles. Their devices achieve a level of ergonomics that’s just not present with other Android smartphones. On top of this, the company recently announced a partnership with Beats by Dr. Dre. New HTC devices are going to ship with built-in Beats technology, and many will also include a pair of Beats headphones with them. A slim, smooth device with premium sound built right in? HTC knows how to build a smartphone.

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