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Sony HDR TD10

The Sony HDR-TD10: Advancements in 3D Video

The descriptions of Sony HDR TD10 are attractive enough to impress anyone. Basically, it is a portable video camera and recorder (Camcorder) which can record 3 dimension (3D) video. One of its prominent features includes the presence of dual lens system on the front of the Sony HDR TD10, and it actually looks like a face with two eyes. The HDR TD10 records in 1920×1080 High Definition resolution, but most impressive is the fact that it’s the only camcorder outside of the JVC GS TD1 that works with a  sensor-system and dual lens, and is capable of recording 3D video with Double Full HD.

Sony HDR-SR12
Sony HDR-SR12 (Photo credit: smart-kk)

Shape & Size

The specs of the Sony HDR TD10 are 148x74x87 mm and the size of LCD is 3.5 inches, weighing in at  645 grams.


  • To capture images in 3D, two Full High Definition sensors are used by Sony HDR TD10. Nearly all 3D cameras achieve the 3D impact by dividing the resolution of 1920×1080 into two channels. Sony HDR TD10 gives you complete resolution of 1920×1080 lines on both channels as it used two High Definition sensors, achieving a more impressive 3D experience.
  • For steadiness of the image, Sony HDR TD10 is outfitted with optical Steady Shot; however, it is only functional for wide angles in 3 dimension mode. Furthermore, sensor-shift technology is also there to steady the alignment of the 3 dimension images.
  • The 3D LCD makes it possible for you to have a direct outlook of your 3D image on the LCD of the camera without 3D glasses. Great vividness and contrast is provided to the 3.5 inches extra fine LCD display of the camcorder through TruBlack technology. This technology gives more normal, practical colors and smooth view even in intense situations by lessening the glare.
  • There is no need for glasses to have a direct outlook of 3D and 2D videos on the LCD display of 3.5 inches of Sony HDR TD10.
  • Its other features include Double Sony Lens G, Double BIONZ image processors, 3.5 inches 3 dimension LCD touch panel and Double “Exmor R” CMOS image sensors.
  • The Sony HDR TD10 is equipped with a double format card slot that operates with SD category cards (SDXC or SDHC, SD) and Memory Stick PRO Duo cards as well.
  • The incorporated 64 GB fixed Flash memory has the ability to record and store for up to 5 hours for elevated definition 3D video and 25 hours storage duration for 2 dimension elevated definition motion picture scenes.
  • The Sony HDR TD10 has elevated quality 5.1channel Surround Sound Microphone.
  • For enhanced choices of audio recording and comfortable monitoring of audio with headphones, it has comes with sophisticated MIC and headphone inputs. In addition, one can also purchase external microphones as well as headphones.
  • The Active Interface Shoe of HDR TD10 permits the consumer to enhance Intelligent Accessories; i.e., external microphones and lights, enhancing the capabilities of the camcorder.
  • The Sony HDR TD10 possesses transparent Phase Stereo Speaker together with S-Master Technology.


  • Under bright sunlight, the liquid cathode diode (LCD) is difficult to scrutinize.
  • There is no pause button while recording.

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  1. Intimidating! I’m Intimidating! I’m really conuesfd! Nikon D60, 1000D or Sony A300 ? All got almost the same price, same quality, but minor differences: live view, focus points, optical focus Please tell me which one of these is the best, thanks

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