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Samsung P2770HD TV

The Samsung P2770HD LCD HDTV Monitor

When it comes to getting a larger computer monitor for your computer, until recent times you’ve been limited to a size of up to 23 inches. Of course you should also realize that thanks to this new technology that is available, monitors can also be used as televisions and vice versa. When these are available in a lot of diverse sizes there is certainly such a issue as getting also large of a monitor for the laptop or computer. It can be because of this we’ve made a decision to take a look at the Samsung P2770HD 27-Inch 1920×1080 5ms 16.7M LCD HDTV Monitor.

Samsung P2770HD 27-Inch 1920×1080Samsung P2770HD HDTV Monitor

The first thing I would like to point out about this monitor is the fact that it also doubles as a high definition television, which is something that is perfect for people with a small living area. So not only will you be able to hook your computer up to this monitor but you’ll also be able to watch television or even hook up a DVD player in order to watch movies. Something else I would like to point out about this television is that you can hook up gaining systems or other devices using an HDMI connection. This is one of the main reasons that this product has become so popular as most computer monitors will not allow you to use them for these other things.

You’re also going to figure out that because this is a 27 inch monitor, it is more than large enough to play video games or watch movies on. But you should also realize that this is a high definition monitor which means you’ll be viewing movies and playing games with the highest quality available. You’re also going to find the you can hook up cable TV directly to this product and you’ll be able to watch all of the high definition channels that they make available. Of course this is something else that a lot of people really like about this product as it just reinforces the fact that you do not need a separate television.

Obviously this really is not something it is advisable to take my word for as you’ll be able to read many of the quite a few evaluations that happen to be available on Amazon about this monitor. In truth out on the 84 reviews that have been sent in by shoppers you’re going to locate that 67 of them have offered this having a four or 5 out of 5 star rating.

Certainly you’re also going to find that this pc monitor is a little bit far more highly-priced than a traditional laptop monitor and you can obtain it from Amazon for just $329. Of course to sweeten the deal, they even give you totally free shipping so you happen to be not going to have to pay additional in order to have this product shipped for your home.

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