The “Panda Dundee” SEO strategy regarding Blog Links

Blog Links

One thing unaffected by the new algorithm is blog type sites. You can still get great link juice from these (as long as they have unique content). In fact 20 backlinks from unique blogs landed me on Page 1 of Google for multiple sites – all within a week.

Variety of Links

By this, I’m not referring to the old rules of link variety (which were to basically get as many links as you could from any source). In fact, you’re going to receive diminishing returns with having only one type of link.

The key to this is avoiding a ton of poor links. The goal is actually to get a variety of high quality links, and then use the power from other links to empower those links.

You can only have so many blog links going to your site and increasing its power. However, you can send the power of the Blog Blueprint links to an Ezine Article to keep getting the full power (see below chart).

For Example

100 blog links = 50% power from links 50 blog links to site, and then 50 blog links to Ezine= 100% power from blog links In order to take full advantage of this, harness the power of Blog Blueprint’s links. Use it to give link juice to our main site and also empower links to the site. Once this is complete, credibility is added via social media growth and empowering links to the site.

An Example of the Strategy In Action!

  • · I will start with 20 links from blog blue print to the main site
  • · I will then make an Ezine Article, then send 20 more Blog Blue Prints links to the

article. These links will empower the Ezine links drastically.

Side note: Yes, Ezine Articles. While they lack their old power, they are still

indexed quickly, have a good PR and are adapting to the new Google system

(earning their respect). However, the point is they can get Blog Blue Print backlinks looped back to your site the fastest. Consider them a funnel.

  • · Once I do this, the next step is to Facebook like it and tweet the Ezine article,

which will again increase the links power.


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