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The Major Functions of E-commerce Software

It is not possible to conduct online business without the support of e-commerce software that runs all the major functions of an e-commerce website. Online business has become very popular in recent years and this has prompted software developers to come up with tools that can facilitate online transactions.

E-commerce Software
E-commerce Software


There is quite a number of ecommerce software in the market but each works differently when when it comes to facilitating online transactions. E-commerce software is commonly referred to as shopping cart software and the software should have the basic components that support e-commerce. This article will highlight some of the major functions of e-commerce software, for example, opencart themes.

The first major function of e-commerce software is web hosting of an e-commerce website. The software runs on a web server and plays a critical role in hosting your online store. It is important to consider factors such bandwidth, cost and reliability when you are selecting a web hosting provider. The second major component of e-commerce software is the merchant interface component. The merchant interface component is very important in the sense that other tools can not be used without it.

It is advisable to select e-commerce software with a merchant interface that is simple and easy to use. A good merchant interface tool should be flexible and less complicated. An example being is an opencart template from icetheme. The third component of e-commerce software is the product catalog that enables customers to see your products. It important to create a product catalog that presents your products to customers in the best way customers.

Product Catalogs

A lot of time and effort should be dedicated to creating a product catalog because it plays a critical role in attracting potential customers to your online store. A Product catalog consists of pages with product information and the pages should be designed in a very attractive manner. The fourth component is the shopping cart that customers use to place their orders.

A Shopping Cart includes the selected products, payment information and if possible shipping information. Customers simply add products of their choice to the cart and submit it to the seller with all the required information. A Shopping Cart can change the perception of a customer about your store and that is the reason why it is important to ensure that it works well apart from looking attractive, Some like opencart extensions will aid in this.

The payment processing component enables you to accept payments from customers. The software allows customers to place orders and then completes online payment processing. The other important tasks that are normally carried out by e-commerce software include tax calculation, shipping cost calculation and advertising. The software is a great alternative to free opencart themes that you may be thinking of purchasing.

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