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The Best Technology For Making You Feel Good

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Technology has many roles. It helps us to stay organised, it keeps us in touch with our friends and relatives, and it provides us with a range of entertainment and media. It also goes beyond this though, and can even have a role in our comfort and our relaxation. Technology need no longer be thought of as only ‘cold’ and mechanical – it can now be comforting, indulgent and relaxing. Read on to find out what the best technology is for helping you to unwind and to improve your health in the process…

Massage Chairs

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A relatively common and well known piece of technology for people who want to beat stress is the automated massage chair. These are machines that provide vibration, gentle rubbing, heat and rolling in order to help relieve stress in the spin and shoulders and generally help us to sink into a more relaxed state.

Normally you might think of this as being a treat, and you might associate the concept with the chairs you get in shopping malls and other locations that cost a few cents/pence to use. However it’s also possible to get commercial chairs and even covers that will fit over your existing desk chairs. These tend to be relatively inexpensive and easy to find, meaning that you’ll never have to pay for/beg for a massage again. Note of course that you’ll get what you pay for here – try and save too much money and you might find your massage feels like being carried away by an Eagle…

Spa Tubs

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Spa tubs are another piece of technology that can essentially offer you massages on demand – this time supplied by firm bubbles that will caress your body much more gently than machine parts can and warmth that can further help you to relax while also providing a number of health benefits for your heart rate, skin and blood pressure.

There are many ways you can get spa tubs for the home too, whether you want a proper Jacuzzi tub for your garden, or you just want to pay a little extra for some bubble jets in a regular bathtub.

Waterfall Showers

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While you’re in the process of turning your bathroom into a home-spa with all the bells and whistles, why not also transform your shower? Waterfall showers can give you a much more thorough and indulgent wash that feels like standing under an actual waterfall (hence the name) and makes getting up for work considerably less stressful.


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To really cap off the bathroom experience, why not invest in a sauna too? Again these are more practical and affordable than you might think, with something like an infrared sauna being relatively easy to come by. If you want to create the feeling of lying in the sun and basking in the heat, and if you want to benefit from a number of health benefits in the process, then this is a great purchase to look into. Oh and it’s great when you have friends round too.


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Of course not everyone will be able to afford saunas and hot tubs for their home, and not everyone will have the space or inclination either. Fortunately there are some devices that can help you relax much more easily – such as a simple lava lamp or ambience light. These are commonly used in spas as a key part of meditation and relaxation rooms, and they can greatly you help to get into a relaxed frame of mind for money that won’t stress you out either. In fact you can even make your own…

Water Feature

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While creating ambience, a water feature or fish tank even can be an incredibly effective addition. Not only will this be almost hypnotic to watch, but water is also incredibly soothing to listen to and the way it refracts light around the whole room only adds to the soporific effect.

Heart Rate Monitor

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All these pieces of tech are about passive indulgence, but how about something that can help you to become more relaxed and at ease off your own accord? A heart rate monitor can help you do exactly that, by giving you feedback so that you can identify when you’re successfully calming yourself and when you’re getting anxious.

But most of all to enjoy relaxing technology… turn off your work phone when you get home!

Dave Peters is a father of two who is part of the team at Spa-Rite, a business specializing in a range of spas and spa accessories based in Melbourne. He enjoys fishing and golfing in his leisure time.

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