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The 1st Android Ice Cream Sandwich Tablet NOVO7

If you thought the first Ice Cream Sandwich tablet was going to be found in the United States, you would be wrong. The first in this category is not only from China, but super cheap as well. It was labeled the NOVO7 and even comes with a free game. Read more on the NOVO7 here in this quick article.

Ice Cream Sandwich tablet

Ainovo Industry Challenges The Market Price For Android Tablets

For Android lovers on a budget, you may wish you were from China today. The very first Ice Cream Sandwich tablet is now on the market, and boy is it cheap. It is made by the Ainovo Industry Limited, a mainland Chinese company that manufactures electronic gift products. This tablet is only priced at $99 dollars but has some decent traits. That beats an Amazon Kindle Fire by an impressive one hundred dollars.

The NOVO7 Sports The Same Size Screen As Other Popular Tablets

The first thing about the NOVO7 tablet is of course the screen. It is the same size as the Blackberry Playbook and the Kindle Fire. It is seven inches of digital real estate with no special effects other than being a capacitive touch device. This means no hard pressing with a finger or the need for a stylus. Do not look for high definition clarity for the screen of this cheaply priced tablet. Thanks to the Android operating system, though, it does come with multiple touch input.

Decent Hardware At A Nice Price

Android tablet

The NOVO7 tablet comes with two cameras, one on the front and the other on the back. It is able to use 3D graphics thanks to the Vivante processor. It is running at a decent one gigahertz of speed, enough to give the NOVO7 the ability to decode high definition videos in the 1080p format. The HDMI connection allows the user to hook it up to an external monitor or television and play games or view video on a much larger screen.

This Tablet Could Be In Your Hands Soon

Ainovo did well with the battery in the NOVO7 tablet. It will last for eight hours if watching videos, seven hours when surfing the internet and six hours while playing games. For those who like Spiderman, this game is included with this Chinese tablet. The possibilities are good of having this inexpensive tablet in your hands if you are not from the land of the dragon. There are plans on shipping this tablet to other countries, including Western ones. The tablet is currently sold out for online shoppers.

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