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Samsung Gear VR

Test On Samsung Gear VR

Samsung just launched its fully optimised smartphone – Samsung Gear VR. There is actually pretty interesting device, which Samsung unveiled in IFA 2014 in Berlin.

Samsung Gear VR
Samsung Gear VR

And your guess is right, these are virtual reality glasses which are optional accessory for Samsung Galaxy Note 4. You can see it after removing this plastic cover and the phone is secured by plastic lock. So there is standard version of Galaxy Note 4. which you can put it in a micro USB. With just a little click, the device is ready to enter virtual reality in no time.

What’s Cool About This Gadget?

Let’s look to the sides of the device. On the right, there are basic controls. You can see a touchpad in within. You may either click on the touchpad to confirm, or you can use several swipe gestures with your finger. For going through content: from the right – left, left-right, top-down and vice versa. Button with back arrow is used to get you one level back. Long press opens options menu of Oculus Home. If we look on the other side, there is logo Gear VR and logo of Oculus, which is company that been owned by Facebook, and which is co-developed of this cool accessory with Samsung.

Oculus handled software part of this gadget, whereas Samsung handled the hardware part. With regard to Oculus, you can know projects of virtual reality, which are connected to PC with Oculus Rift DK1 and DK2.

Gear VR is based on these devices but with Gear VR you are free of wires, therefore you are free from connection with PC and you can put it on everywhere and anytime you want. All you need is just to own a Galaxy Note 4. As you can see, accessory is supplied with rubber straps with velcro fastener which are needed for right placing on your nose and for you to tighten them to your face.

Let’s look of the face part of this device. There is make of soft material and is rather pleasant to touch on the padding. With the design, the glasses don’t pushes or have any stress incurred on the face.

However, if you use Gear VR constantly like for more than one hour, there will be bruising on your face. You don’t have to worry about it as it will disappeared after a couple of minutes.

Optical Parts

For the optical parts, you can find two optical lenses attached to this device which are used for 3D graphics reproduction. This optical lenses are originally come from Galaxy Note 4. For each of your eye there is 1/2 of Note 4’s screen available which has resolution of 2560 × 1440 pixels.

The most important item is this proximity sensor. When you put the Samsung Gear VR on your head and activate the sensor, you will hear a sound which indicate the Oculus Home app is starting. You will then being lead through the virtual reality.

On the bottom there is nothing to see other than logo types and labels. I can show you optical part from the other side when Note 4 is taken out. The optic from other side is revealed. However, on the lenses you often find small dirt and fibers and so you will need to clean the lenses regularly. If there is some humidity happened on the lenses when you put Gear VR on you head, you might not feel so comfortable so you need to make sure the lenses is always in dry and clean condition.

When you wheeze into your glasses, it may seem that Gear VR is just a plastic box with touchpad and back button. There are sensors integrated for proximity, tilt and movement and there are volume rockers too. Talking about sound, I normally put Note 4 into the glasses and secure it with the cover sound comes from Note 4’s speaker, which is the speaker direct from the phone but you can connect your own headphones to Gear VR if you want to.

We have tested the gadget with Samsung headphones and it worked. But generally, you can use headphones to listen to the sound if you want to and the headphones can be either wired or wireless.

Playing Games

For playing games, you can use touchpad that available on the side of the gadget instead of action button. For playing complex games, you need to connect Note 4 with Samsung Gamepad or with Bluetooth universal keyboard, which is substitution for Gamepad buttons.

The gadget can be quite big and you might hate it but it can just fit to be placed on your face well. You can pull it up to your face effortless. You have to find the right place for sharp screen. For the front part, it can be quite heavy to carry because of the weight of inserted Note 4. For sharpening screen, there is a wheel at the front where you can use it to adjust the sharpness for both eyes simultaneously.

So, if you are a fan of Samsung product all the while, you are going to love this Samsung Gear VR as well.

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