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Telekom TM Streamyx Unifi in Malaysia


If you are Malaysian or happened to been stay in Malaysia for a period of time, you should have heard about this giant company, Telekom. This is a Malaysian telecommunications services company that have 2.2 million broadband registered users.

UniFi is a phone and internet broadband service provided by TM. It uses the latest fibre optics technology to deliver phone, IPTV, and high speed internet services to users’ homes. Since the inception of UniFi home fibre into the market, there are over 800,000 customers subscribed for the service, of which 130,000 were industries subscribers.  At the moment, Unifi utilisation rate in Malaysia stood at 47%.

Available Services

The service is mainly categorised into 2 categories: Home and Business.

For Unifi Home, you can choose from the 5 different packages: Unifi VIP 5, Unifi VIP 10 or Unifi VIP 20, Unifi 30MB, Unifi 50MB. Below is the picture for the different packages for you to compare.

unifi home package

unifi 30MB 50MB packages

For Unifi business, there are also 3 different packages available for you to choose: Unifi Biz 5, Unifi Biz 10 or Unifi Biz 20. If you are subscribing to Unifi business package, you may entitle for free 10GB of Web hosting space. In addition, for customers who are subscribing to the Unifi Biz 20 package, you will enjoy monthly landline calls for free!

Below is the chart for you to do an easy refer and make a comparison on different packages.

Biz 5

unifi biz 5 package

Biz 10

unifi biz 10 package

Biz 20

unifi biz 20 package

If you are interested to sign up any of the packages, you may contact TM support through their email at support@unifipackages.com.my

Alternatively, you can as well email them at help@tm.com.my or get in touch with them via Twitter at @TMConnects.

Unifi Portal

unifi portal

With the release of the portal, You will be able to check your detailed information and monthly bill online without the need to visit to TM Point anymore. You may simply go to their website, create a username with password. Then you can simply login and look for necessary information whenever you want.


Unifi Coverage

The service covered almost all areas in Peninsular Malaysia. Recently, TM just adding another 10 areas in southern area for Unifi coverage. Those area are comprised of Johor, Skudai, Senai, Gelang Patah, Pasir Gudang, Permas, and Kulaijaya.

If you want to know if the area that you stay are being covered, you can check from these links:

Unifi Coverage

Check Coverage

Unifi Speedtest

If you want to know if the service that you subscribe is cater to the speed as promised, you can perform a speed test to figure out.

unifi speed test

Here are some of the sites that you can test your internet speed:


TM Speed Test

Broadband Speed Checker

Streamyx and Phone Packages

Even though Unifi can provide users with high speed internet connection, but the price is also higher which is not everybody can afford to pay for it every month. TM does remain their Streamyx and phone packages which is cater for those who are looking for more economically and affordable internet scheme.

Here is the chart for different Streamyx packages offer:
streamyx package

Unifi Customer Service

Unifi Contact Number – Call 100 for Unifi hotline, no other numbers!

Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM) claimed that they are putting lot of efforts to in enhancing their customer experience which many people including me are rather suspicious. Recently, they claimed that they have consolidated their Unifi customer service centre from many confusing numbers to just a single hotline number.

Thus, effectively from 2 April 2015, all users just need to dial a simple three digit, 100, from the land line or their mobile phones to reach them in case there is any inquiries, complaints or feedbacks.

However, as claimed by them for the technical issue, many people will still observed their TV screen is displaying UniFi call centre number: 1-300-88-1221. If you also see such phone number display on your TV screen when you are having a connection fault, you may ignore this number is still proceed to call number 100 to seek for help instead.

Just Get Shit With TM

Today, when I wake up and turn on my laptop to work, I found out I can’t online. I then tried switch the Unifi modem on/off for several times but still no connection. I then call to Unifi hotline at 100, only found out that they have temporary terminated my Unifi service before I have default payment for 2 months.

I was just change the name from my wife to my name two months ago, and I actually been tried to registered for a username with Unifi portal but there seem to be many login portal which quite confusing. After spent lot of times in registering, I still not able to succeed. I then email to help@tm.com.my. But after 2 weeks still didn’t receive any reply from them. Today just send another email asking for assistant again.

Prior the line being terminated, I have make the payment online via Public Bank online transferring. But when I talk to the customer service, they said their system showing the payment still didn’t receive. They then asking for the bank reference number, which I provided to them.

pbebank payment

And they said will filed a request to TMnet and the whole process might take about 15 days!(Shocks! which mean I will not able to be online for 15 days?!) They then advice me to go to the nearest TM Point to raise the issue, which I did as well by going to the Titiwangsa branch. They check on the system and told me the same thing that the system show the payment still not being make, so they cannot reactivate the service and advice me to go to Public Bank to find out why the payment still no going through after so many days.

I am fed up, angry and confuse at the moment!

Useless Credit Limit Increase

The most funny thing is, after I changed the account name from my wife to me, I immediate receive an email from Unifi congratulate me for having a credit limit increased from RM447 to RM597.

Unifi increase credit limit

But they have terminated my account even the total outstanding amount only reach RM437.20, which is not even reach the previous provided credit limit.

Unifi credit limit

When the customer service at TM Point show me the screen where my payment is still showing defaulted, I pointed them to a column where it shows my credit limit still no reach, but the customer service said they are not take the credit limit into consideration anymore. Then? What for the increasing of credit limit in the first place? It is like a bank issue you a credit card with credit limit of RM30,000. But when you have spent RM20,000 and want to spend more, suddenly your credit card is not working anymore. And you call to the bank customer service, they give you the answer: we are not taking the credit limit into consideration anymore. What do you think? WTF you issue me a credit card with credit limit of RM30,000 then? This really didn’t make sense at all!

Sick of Monopoly Company

telekom ceo sulaiman mahbooTM CEO Sulaiman Mahboo
Most people should have bad experience with it and most of them are getting sick with all the monopolised companies in Malaysia. Telekom definitely is one of them. From their 2014 annual report, the company revenue is RM11.2 billions with profit of RM1.29 billion. But due to monopoly and well protected by local government, their service is rather lousy and slash consumers with high service charges.

This behemoth has devour numerous of it’s competitors and incorporated them into their already bloated company structure. They will continue to charge high prices or even higher prices, for the reason that there is no competition exist.

As a company with government people behind the scene, they are the market giant that will only lease their networks to competitors at high price. Thus, the other competitors like Digi, Maxis, U-Mobile are force to use certain TM infrastructures in order to stay in business. The boss at the back for all these telcos still is Telekom. Thus, competition is almost non-existent.

As consumers, we are the victims to pay far more for broadband Internet access, phone lines, and TV programs than people in other countries, and endured with sub-standard services. More often than not, their services are worse.

Few months ago, government ever said telcos are going to cut their service charges between 11% and 57%, but this seems like already forgot by everyone as no one mention about it anymore lately.

MCMC and telcos to discuss price cut in service charge

Malaysians, Your Internet Bill Could Be 57% Cheaper

Lower broadband rates in two months

Broadband prices to drop between 11% and 57%

This sorry situation is not going to change if consumers didn’t stand up to claim their right and being aware of what they are entitled to.

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  1. Well, I agreed. Maybe they just oersvell their service.Calling 100 is extremely useless, when I call them I just want to stay relaxed and try to finish the conversation.None of a single word from the customer service representative helped me.You notice that I say Customer Service Representative. This is completely different with Technician.Anyway, you can’t get anything better than Streamyx in Malaysia. (At the moment)And Streamyx has always been very slow connecting to international servers and websites especially US and UK.The waiting time is just unbearable. Wonder when will they upgrade their service.Stop the 4 month free offer please Don’t oersvell your service please!!

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