Technology And Fitness Are A Fabulous Fit

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Getting in shape is not just about sweating it out at the gym and watching what we eat. It is becoming a way of developing a whole new lifestyle. Fitness now encourages us to monitor and enhance every aspect of our daily routine, and technology is making that much easier. It is slowly infiltrating every part of our lives, increasing the level of convenience in everything from calorie counting to monitoring the number of steps we take each day. The following gadgets are here to support us when fitness finds its way to the front of the priorities list.


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The best technology associated with getting in shape is that which is small, portable, and powerful. There is already plenty of gear that you stuff into a gym bag, so there is no need to add in more bulky equipment. The Fitbit has improved on their already popular clip-on sensors by creating a rubber wristband that snugly houses the sensor chip that monitors your daily activity. The Fitbit will record data that tracks the number of hours you sleep, the number of steps you take, distance traveled, and the amount of calories you burn in any given hour. The data can be transferred to any device using Bluetooth, and the water-resistant housing makes it ideal for any type of athlete working in all conditions. The battery is rated to last up to seven days, and the hardware can be transferred from one bracelet to the next, giving users a huge number of options when it comes to colors.


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Video conferencing technology has finally progressed to the point that it is practical, convenient, and being put to wide use. From the boardroom to the classroom, the telecasting industry is on the rise. The Healthspot has been able to give doctors and nurses this same advantage by developing a telecommunication device that has medical tools built into the system. Following the instructions of the doctor, patients can use the tools to check their blood pressure, take readings of their body temperature, or listen to their heart beat. These digital devices then feed the information to the doctor on the other end. Essentially, the Healthspot allows physicians to conduct basic physicals, check-ups, or make a simple diagnosis from a distance. These devices are currently being tested throughout Ohio, and the manufacturer is eyeing a release date for sometime early next year.

The Screeneye X Visor

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Products such as the X Visor and Google glasses are quickly making the visual field of the average artificial life form such as Data or the Terminator a reality for us mere humans. The X Visor concentrates specifically on fitness, displaying such crucial factors as the heart rate, distance traveled, the number of calories burned and much more. It eliminates the need to stop and check your smart device in the middle of the workout in order to ascertain info on your progress. Working with an illuminated light display rather than any type of physical viewing screen, the visor is lightweight, allowing your workout to go on uninterrupted.

The Results Are In

Technology is becoming a key part of keeping track of the effectiveness of each and every workout. Additionally, it is providing us information that exists as instantaneous rewards for our efforts. Even when the scale and the mirror may not appear to be reflecting real change, your fitness technology can enlighten you on all the health benefits that are slowly shaping your body for the better.

Jenny Wadlow is the writer of this guest post. Being a mother of two, she has a lot of knowledge about health care. She writes for Hampton Park Women’s Health Clinic, a clinic that deals with issues related to infertility and pregnancy. You can visit their website to learn more.

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