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Team Working – A Parent’s Guide For Video Games

Working with others is an integral part of life in general. Even if you aren’t much of a people person, you have to know how to deal with them without killing them. Every child needs to learn how to do this to avoid becoming anti-social. You can teach them how to get there by introducing them to video games.

video gaming
video gaming

How Do Video Games Help?

Contrary to what some people think, video games aren’t anti-social tools which involve no form of team working. The character you play isn’t always the demigod who needs absolutely no help with anything.

Most games force you to use the skills of others. There are even specialized team working games where you’ll play multiple characters to accomplish a task.

Playing with Players

Many single player games offer a splitscreen or multiplayer mode. This is where you team up with someone else to help beat the game. You’ll complete the missions together. One person might organize a team which goes down one path and another person organizes a team which goes down another.

These grand plans can happen within the comfort of your own home. You don’t need any specialist or expensive equipment to do this. You’re free to do it just by purchasing the game and getting a few friends together.

Dealing with Conflict

Whenever a problem happens, conflict inevitably follows close behind. You have to step in when conflict starts to happen. Uncontrolled anger can soon lead to a permanent problem. By teaching children to deal with conflict without throwing a tantrum or doing nasty things at a young age, you’re training them up to be decent and respectful human beings.

With very young children, you should always supervise the gaming sessions. You could even join in with them and let them tell you where to go. Allow them to coordinate the whole game.

When Should You Let Them Go Online?

The ultimate example of working as a team is going online and dealing with someone who you’ve never met. This is something you shouldn’t do until they’re mature enough to handle it. There are few boundaries and you can’t control what goes on, short of visiting the other person’s house.

With younger children, you could organize an online gaming session with the parents of their friends. They might choose to sit in on it, as well. Alternatively, bring them over and play in the same room. This is easier to manage and supervise.

Children need to learn how to deal with people in both an offline and online environment. Online gaming isn’t always pleasant, but by teaching them to be mature about it from the beginning, they’ll develop a thicker and skin and be better able to deal with conflict and problems.

Overall, gaming can figure as part of a healthy lifestyle. Teach them how to be good team players and you’ll soon see the results in the form of positive school work. You’ll also notice it in their general demeanor, with fewer tantrums and a cooler head.


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