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Tablets vs. Laptops: Who Wins?

Ever since the introduction of the Apple Ipad, a lively debate has begun over the value of laptops over tablets.  The laptop is not going to go away, but the introduction of the Ipad will definitely have a major effect on the market. The main division will be between the concept developers call “content consumption vs. content creation.”

Asus Eee Pad Transformer
Asus Eee Pad Transformer

Content Creation

Laptops were created and still work best for content creation. But most people spend most of their time on content consumption, not creation. However, complex tasks such as reports, longer emails, editing photos and videos and managing music and video libraries still have to be performed, and will require the heavier power of a laptop. For those for whom content creation is an important part of their day, the laptop will be their tool of choice, at least until the super Ipad is developed.

Content Consumption

But for the majority of the population for whom consumption is the major task of their computing device, tablets are probably the optimal tool. They are perfectly competitive with laptops for all of the applications that the average user is interested in:

  • Surf the Internet
  • Play games
  • Read books
  • Use mobile apps
  • Watch movies and videos
  • Listen to music.

With the easy to use touch interface and powerful computing ability seen in Ipads, they are bound to become the one computing tool that most people will want in their ever increasingly mobile lifestyles.

How people Use Computers Today

Retrovo recently conducted a poll which showed that 78% of those polled were considering buying an Ipad instead of a netbook or laptop.  This shift will probably lead to netbooks that compete with tablets by becoming thinner and lighter, with the added advantage of a full keyboard. But as with most consumer decisions, the overlying factor will probably be price. The lighter and smaller netbooks cost almost $500, not too far below the tablets currently available.  With not much advantage in the price department, it makes sense that buyers are considering tablets that offer them all the information and applications they want, anywhere and at any time.

And the Winner Is….

In terms of the war between tablets and laptops, it boils down to use. Serious content creators will still have to have a laptop. For others, and that probably includes most computer buyers, content creation is a peripheral use and consumption is paramount. This makes the tablets the winners, hands down.

Laptops and Tablets alike are great for any home or business use. Before letting anyone touch your laptop, you may want to submit them through one of the best background check services.

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