Tablet Wars – Amazon Kindle vs. Apple iPad

Considering that both the Amazon Kindle and the Apple iPad have many of the same features, it can be difficult to discern which of the two is the better gadget to purchase. This popular topic has been constantly debated over the past year by millions of techie consumers, and there are many aspects to consider.

amazon kindle
amazon kindle

Does size matter?

The answer is, of course it does. This is one of the most marked differences between the Kindle and the iPad. For instance, while a Kindle 3 weighs approximately 9 ounces, the iPad weighs somewhere around 1.6 pounds. With its 7-inch screen, a Kindle can fit easily in your hand, unlike the 10-inch screen that an iPad has. So, the Kindle is obviously the easier device to tote around and travel with. The Kindle 3 also has a super easy keyboard to work with – you are able to type as easily on a Kindle keyboard as you are on a BlackBerry. Before purchasing the Kindle or the iPad, ask yourself where you will be taking your device, or if size and portability are an important factor for you.

Consider the display

The Kindle 3 uses e-ink, a black and white display that makes it easier to read the text on a screen (this is in opposition to reading from a regular computer screen, like the iPad). So, obviously this makes the Kindle the better option if you’ll be reading text outside, or anywhere where sunlight glints off the screen. You can also attach a light to the Kindle to make for an even more comfortable reading experience. However, the iPad 3 is perfect for reading while lying in bed at night, thanks to its glowing screen – the device even turns off on its own (you can set an auto timer for whatever time you prefer).

Think about cost

The iPad is a pretty expensive gadget – it starts out at $499. In contrast, the Kindle is (comparatively) inexpensive; the Kindle Fire costs around $200. But, of course, the iPad has many more amenities than the Kindle does – just ask yourself if you’re willing to pay more for more features.


What are you going to be using your device for?

An iPad is great for email, word processing, and surfing the Internet – as well as thousands of other things, thanks to the Apple App store. So, essentially, having an iPad is like having a laptop computer. Kindles, on the other hand, are primarily for reading. So, if you are a traveler, a dedicated e-reader (or just a reader), or simply like to read outdoors – the Kindle may be the right gadget for you. It’s light, relatively inexpensive, and pretty hardy (many Kindle owners report that they have gotten dirt on their Kindles, and it didn’t damage them in any way). Conversely, iPads aren’t exactly the most rugged of devices – you definitely shouldn’t use your iPad while lounging on a beach, or anywhere where it’s in danger of getting water-soaked or caked with sand.

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