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Speed and Reliability- 2 Keys to Online Marketing Success

For many companies, the quality and speed of the corporate Internet connection is critical to daily operations and can affect the success or failure of product launches and other vital initiatives. Building an advanced, reliable computing infrastructure is essential in order to provide a solid basis for future growth.

online marketing success

This is especially true for companies that depend on their online presence in order to market their products or services. In many cases, choosing the right computing architecture can make a significant difference in the speed and dependability of the access customers have to the company’s website. Incorporating a variety of high-speed elements, including gigabit Ethernet transceiver systems and advanced media processors, can help ensure that website videos and other streaming content load quickly and stream rapidly to provide the best possible experience for end users.

Speed is essential in the online world

Rapid product turnaround and delivery are vital to businesses in the brick-and-mortar marketplace. Numerous overnight and two-day delivery services can attest to the importance of fast delivery. The competitive online market is even more speed-oriented; estimates indicate that up to 40% of online shoppers will abandon a website that takes longer than three seconds to load. This emphasis on speed and response time means that companies must make it a priority to improve the quality of their online infrastructure and the processing speed they deliver for customers and potential customers. In many cases, companies may wish to consider custom silicon for networking solutions in order to ensure the fastest processing and connection times in-house, while optimizing their outside Internet connections at the same time. A holistic approach to e-commerce can help businesses put their best foot forward in this competitive online environment.

Reliability and redundancy

Maintaining adequate server space and processing power for peak usage periods and necessary maintenance is another consideration for small business IT departments. Servers can constitute a major investment for many companies, and may require continual maintenance and daily backups in order to ensure that essential company data is not lost or made unavailable. Servers should be maintained and monitored for:

• Overall size and available storage space

• Processing power during peak usage

• Proper backups and parallel systems

• Security measures inside and outside the servers

• Appropriate implementation of upgrades and critical updates for operating systems

• Updating and upgrading individual applications within the server environment

Ensuring customer satisfaction

Fast, reliable access to the corporate website can help companies increase the level of satisfaction consumers feel regarding their products and services. This, in turn, can boost the company’s overall reputation and increase its market share within its particular industry or field of endeavor. By optimizing and upgrading Internet connections, processing power and overall connectivity, many companies can boost their traffic and conversion rates without spending a dime on additional advertising and marketing campaigns.

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