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Should You Buy Tumblr Followers? Here’s Why You Should, Or Not

If this is your first time to hear about Tumblr, you should know that it’s one website where you can follow the blogs you’ve been hearing about online. It’s actually a social media website like Facebook only that most profiles are for blogs and other websites, not for persons.

So, if you have a blog, you might want to create a channel on Tumblr. The good thing about it is that most published content are indexed on Google, and it’s one reason why there are Internet Marketers out there that use Tumblr specifically for building links.

However, if you’re going to use Tumblr for link building, it’s not enough that you create a profile and uploads your content. You need to have Tumbler followers, but this really is easier said than done, especially if you are new to social media and don’t have a Twitter or Facebook account.buy Tumblr followers

There is one way, however, that you can gain a following and that is to buy Tumblr followers. If you’re wondering where you can buy Tumblr followers, you can search online on Google or any other search engine and look for websites that offer Tumblr follower packages. They don’t cost that much – a package of 200 followers will only cost you $20; a package of 400 will cost $30 while a package of 800 will cost $50. But that’s just at one website we checked. If you want to find cheaper packages, you can do so by comparing the prices of at least three websites.

You could also check on Fiverr for any gigs related to Tumblr followers. If you buy on Fiverr, it will only cost you $5 for every gig you buy.

Take note, however, Tumblr follower packages are not created alike, and while there are those that offer real human followers, some only offer a non-human and auto-created following. Obviously, if you want to reach out to new potential customers, real human followers are always better. However, if you’re going to do Tumblr for the sole purpose of link building, you can try automated followers.

Really, there isn’t any right or wrong choices when it comes to buying Tumblr followers. There are only choices that fit your goals and those that don’t. Anyway, whatever you do, before you buy Tumblr followers, make it a point to know more about a provider and what kind of followers he or she is selling. Don’t hesitate to ask questions before buying.

Again, if you’re going to do Tumblr for SEO purposes, buy non-human followers but if you want to leverage on the power of social media, buy real human followers. Packages for real human followers tend to be expensive, with delivery times lasting several days. With non-human followers, delivery don’t take more than 24 hours and your Tumblr pages could get ranked on Google in a few days or so, depending on your keyword.

If you need more information on Tumblr and how you can leverage it, there are many online courses out there that you can check out.

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