samsung galaxy s3

Samsung Galaxy S3 – Is It Worth The Wait?

samsung galaxy s3

This guest post review brought to you by and authored by Jacob Walker. Jacob’s penchant for writing is matched only by his love of weird looking Google+ Avatars.

The launch of Samsung’s new Galaxy S3 is nearly upon us. We’re still a little hazy as to when this one is going to be released in Australia, with no official word from Samsung as yet. Although we have seen some pre-order forms online with release dates listed as May 30th, so perhaps this is a sign of imminent things to come. Either way, the specs have been released and confirmed by Samsung, so it’s now certain that the phone is on the cards and its arrival is surely not too far away. I’ve got to say I’ve been pretty impressed with some of the features listed with this new phone. Here’s a round-up of just a few of them.

Smart stay

Samsung has built an intelligent environmental sensor into this phone that knows if you’re close by, and can even tell if you’re looking at the phone. It won’t be necessary to keep unlocking your smart phone all the time if you spend too long reading an article or looking at a photo. Instead, the S3 will know when you’re still looking at the screen and will continue to keep the screen illuminated until you avert your gaze!

Direct call

Again, another nifty awareness feature. The Galaxy S3 will have the ability to automatically recognise when you want to stop typing a text message and decide to make a phone call instead. You know how on an iPhone if you’re typing a message you need to scroll all the way to the top of the message thread and hit that call button? Well no longer. Now, all you need to do is lift the S3 to your ear. The phone will recognise that you’ve stopped typing and that you’re holding it against your ear and will automatically begin a call.

Smart alert

The intelligent awareness features keep on coming… Imagine you’ve been wandering around without your phone for a while because heavens forbid you decided to leave it on the desk. Then you come back to retrieve it, but while you were gone the phone received some missed calls and text messages. Now one of two things would normally happen in the pre-S3 era. 1.) You put your phone in your pocket and are none the wiser about your missed calls until you happen to use the phone later; or 2.) You have to unlock the phone and check the history to see if you’ve been loved during your absence. With the S3, this will no longer be necessary – the phone will vibrate when you pick it up to let you know “Hey boss, people were trying to get in touch with you.” I like it!

S Voice

Hot on the heels of the iPhone’s Siri feature comes the Voice feature from Samsung. It’s voice recognition and phone control combined. I especially like these type of features for those driving in the car moments, and they seem to have come so far since the early days of trying to write my uni assignments using the first versions of Dragon Naturally Speaking Of course this is just a smattering of some of the features on the phone. Samsung has also incorporated a Bluetooth like sharing interface called S Beam, a similar communications interface to show display the video output on a local TV, a big rich 4.8 inch Hi Def Super AMOLED video display, a 1.4 Ghz quad core processor, and an 8MP camera. There’s a bunch of other impressive technical specifications and some more nifty features, but I reckon this should be enough to wet your appetite. If the phone lives up to the hype then it should be quite an impressive little pocket filler.

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  1. I have been trying to get my wife to upradge her HTC Hero let us know what you settle on, especially the battery life. I played with the Nexus S at Best buy the other day and was impressed with how zippy the Gingerbread OS ran (2.3). Either phone seems pretty cool, will come down to your preferences.

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