Samsung Exhilarate For Those With Smaller Budget

Just because you do not have a lot of money does not mean you can not enjoy one of those new 4G smartphones. It is possible to buy the Samsung Exhilarate with its bright screen and modern looks and not break the bank. Get a closer look at this new Samsung smartphone here in this quick article.


The Screen Is The Best Part Of This Smartphone

With a name like “Exhilarate” you have a right to expect big things. That is not so true with this particular smartphone. It has somewhat of a large screen, but this is a stripped down handset. The screen is thankfully the most impressive part of the phone. It is created out of Super AMOLED material, not the older LCD kit. This means the Samsung Exhilarate will use a bit less energy than those older smartphones making the recharge times less frequent. It is four inches in size.

This Is Not A Bad Looking Smartphone

From the outside, the Exhilarate is presenting a normal, modern look. It is a black slab without a manual keyboard. This will make it more sturdy in the hands. The rear and the front of the smartphone have cameras. Do not expect a huge powerful camera, but at least the user will be able to do some video chatting using those fast 4G speeds.

Android Runs The Samsung Exhilarate

The menus and programs are going to be handled by Android. This is not in the newer version. The 2.3 Gingerbread version is installed in the Samsung Exhilarate. There are no guarantees that this cheaper smartphone will be able to upgrade to the new Ice Cream Sandwich version. Those who buy this phone should be careful while downloading apps from the Android “Google Play” market. Many trojans and malware have infected Android devices from that site. It is smart to get an anti-malware solution like “Lookout Labs” on the Exhilarate as soon as possible.

Look For This Smartphone To Surf The 4G Networks Soon

As mentioned, the Exhilarate smartphone will be able to handle the fleet 4G networks. But the handset can also be used as a Wi-Fi hotspot as well. That means it can act as a router, dealing out internet to other devices nearby. Wired connections are limited to a MicroUSB port and a 3.5 millimeter head phone jack. Expect this handset on the AT&T network soon for around $50 dollars.

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