Veebeam HD Streamer

Review on Veebeam HD Wireless PC to TV link

Veebeam HD Wireless PC to TV link can said is the easiest, and less expensive solution to steady stream all sorts of things from your laptop to your HDTV wirelessly. The device enables you to put together the audio and video overall performance of the HDTV together with the ongoing entertainment options accessible on your own laptop. With Veebeam HD Wireless PC to TV link, you are able to share any of your digital content with your friends and family.

Veebeam HD Streamer

When you play around with this device, you will discover the truly awesome thing is you have got a play mode which you could choose a video file within you laptop and play the movie wirelessly to make it displays on your HDTV and you could still be able to check emails or doing other things on your laptop.

Another great thing about this Veebeam HD is the installation is very easy, you may only spend for about 10 minutes and everything is done. After that the device is up and running, and you can just watch your favorite movie from your HDTV.

Video Quality for Veebeam HD Wireless PC to TV Link

The video quality is sharp and clear. TV shows and full HD movies can be quite remarkable to view on the TV. The moment trying to play movies with the use of native MPEG-2 player from the laptop, playback is very smooth and the motion is flawless. Making use of internet resources, for instance internet streaming from Netflix or Hulu, the motion could be somewhat jerky once in a while but is not enough to make you distracting.

You can actually use this Veebeam HD Wireless PC to TV link in two different modes. You can select either Video Play-To mode or Screencasting mode depends on what kind of content you would like to watch on your HDTV.

Video Play-To Mode:
Take advantage of this mode to take pleasure from the most impressive quality of video display the moment trying to play downloaded video files. Another appealing factor for Screencasting Mode is it allowing multi-tasking. Which mean you could stream the video display to your HDTV and surfing net or writing emails at the same when applying Video Play-To Mode.

Screencasting Mode (default):
You could just use the Screencasting mode to display your laptop screen on TV or share internet websites with your family and friends. This is the default mode for the Veebeem that you’ll see once you plug in the USB antenna into the USB connection of your laptop. You are going to expect about two second lag between your laptop and TV that makes Veebeam HD Wireless not suitable to work with video gaming software in which timing is extremely critical.

Veebeam Kit

How to makes Veebeam HD Wireless PC to TV link works

1. Install the Veebeam software that comes with the device.
2. Connect the Veebeam box direct to the TV.
3. Connect the USB antenna to the USB connection of the laptop.
4. Thats it. The whole process is very simple and easy. Once completed, you will see the content that display on your laptop screen will display on your HDTV as well.

It is also possible for you to transfer the content from your laptop screen to the HDTV where u seen on the Veebeam HD photo advertisement. Which means your PC/laptop will display the same content to your HDTV. As mentioned before, the whole installation process is very easy as you just need to connect the Veebeam HD device to your USB connection of your laptop. Your laptop will then read and perform all the necessary installation process.


System Requirements

* Works with Windows Vista, Windows 7, XP and Mac OS X (10.5, 10.6)
* Work Perfectly with laptop computers (requires 2.2 GHz or greater Intel Core 2 Duo or Intel i3, i5, and i7).
* 2GB RAM Recommended
* Netbooks are not compatible.

Veebeam HD PC to TV

– Streams Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, and other media application or Internet site to your TV
– Wireless USB signal cannot transmit through walls. So, it is for in-room use only.
– 3 x RCA Sockets: Composite Video, Left & Right audio
– 2 x USB Type A Sockets: Firmware/Future Upgrade
– 1 x HDMI: HD Video & Audio
– 1 x TOSLINK Socket: S/PDIF Optical Digital Audio
– Built-in wireless PC to TV link.
– Easy to set up, easy to use
– Plays 1080p HD movie files
– Optical audio output for surround sound
– Output resolution: 480i – NTSC, 576i – PAL, 1080p – HDMI

What inside the box:
– Veebeam HD Player
– AC/DC Wall/Mains power supply
– Veebeam Wireless USB adaptor
– Composite audio/video cable
– Veebeam HD Software (download required)
– Quick Start Guide
– (for best results use HDMI cable, sold separately)

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