Samsung NX11

Review of Samsung NX11

Samsung NX11

The Samsung NX11 is the latest mirrorless compact digital camera released by Samsung that carrying with image sensor of 14.6 million effective pixels. It is features with interchangeable lenses, electronic viewfinder, a large image sensor and many ease of use features. All these features are designed to close the gap between large DSLR and a small compact camera. As of lately, the main rivals for the Micro Four Thirds cameras that Samsung compete with are Panasonic and Olympus.

Samsung NX11

Samsung has upgraded the well known model of NX10 that is actually the first Electronic Viewfinder Interchangeable Lens (EVIL) model that developed by them. The upgraded model is named as Samsung NX11. This camera model provides practically similar technical specs with the NX10 but is further enhancing with some key features. Among the notable changes for Samsung NX11 are they put in compatibility with the more advance i-Function lenses and also re-designed the camera grip to make it becomes even more comfortable when user holding it. i-Function enables the operation of shifting the settings of camera become very easy, by added a control dial and button attached directly on the camera lens. Depending on the what type of exposure mode you are using as you could swiftly change the camera settings such as aperture, ISO, AF points, shutter speed, and etc.

Samsung NX11 is launched with the special design of an all-plastic camera body as well as innovative and upgraded 18-55mm kit lens with a plastic mount. Samsung has opted for this design instead of considering on the more advanced solutions from Panasonic and Olympus since they are their main rivals for mirrorless camera market and Samsung seems not going to have any deal and compromise with them.

iFunction of Samsung NX11

The kit lens for Samsung NX11 is features with an intelligent iFunction button, the purpose for the iFunction button is to work in conjunction with the lens’s focus ring so that it could let you to swiftly adjust settings and never have to makes use of the LCD screen on the back of the camera. The camera also allows you to change settings by held up the camera to your eye. A sizable high definition Samsung AMOLED LCD screen is included on the back of the camera, together with a high resolution VGA electronic viewfinder. The NX11 allows you to use the 9 Picture Wizard settings for shooting still images and video recording that could immediately create an attracting art-house effect for the movie that you shoot.

18-55mm lens Samsung NX11

The battery life of the Samsung NX11 is with a rating of 400 shots according to CIPA(Camera and Imaging Products Association) standard while using the supplied 1300mAh 7.4v lithium ion batteries. You may test out yourself and you will find that you can shoot for more than 400 photo images before the battery gone flat and the length of the battery life is really great for a compact digital camera. It is always a good practice to turn off your camera while it is not in use to safe your battery power.

Samsung NX11 is like an SLR Camera

In contrast to the NX10 and many other mirrorless system cameras, the Samsung NX11 is actually resembles a great SLR camera after having a slimmer body instead of a super-sized compact. Apart from the Movie Pro 18-200mm F3.5-6.3 OIS iFn or 18-55mm kit lens, the NX11 is definitely a lot slimmer as compared to various other SLR cameras. If you are viewing through the viewfinder, you are going to observe a true nature that showing to you through the sharp LCD screen. The LCD screen is not really as big and as in depth as the Panasonic G3’s electronic viewfinder, however this camera isn’t lack too much behind. The advantage for the viewfinder of Samsung NX11 over Panasonic G3 is that it could switches on automatically as soon as the camera is brought up to the eye.

Image quality is great, the autofocus has been further improved compare to its former version and the layout of the camera body can be carried comfortably in the hand. The Image Edit option allows you to modify the look of a first hand photograph in various ways. Features provided are including backlight, red-eye fix, resizing, altering photo style, face retouch and rotating.

Samsung NX11 mirrorless compact system

Most users are having the feeling that the Samsung is just like a mini-DSLR in numerous aspects. By having a very hot competition from other mirrorless system cameras, Samsung will for sure to not fall behind by keep upgrading the features of the camera for them to compete with their rivals. Therefore, we can foresee that we will see more features and more advance camera models are coming their way to the camera world.

It can said they are just a small number of compact system cameras are offering a practical alternative to a full DSLR camera. Besides Samsung, Sony also is another popular camera brands that offered mirorrless camera. If you not really want Samsung, you may refer to online digital camera buying guide to get more information for the camera that you want to buy. If you wish to grab one for yourself, you will be able to find the hot offers with low prices for different DSLR cameras, camera set and accessories selling on Amazon as it happens to be the famous online store for camera lovers.

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