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Relive your Memories in HD

The ways in which memories are preserved and the world is recorded have changed dramatically. The changes in technology have been more drastic in recent years than any other time in history. However, when looking at the scope of recorded history, the evolution from drawing to painting to photography to the HD Camcorder is truly incredible.

hd camcorder

The drive to immortalize life, the world, and history at large is as old as the human race itself. The earliest forms of any kind of meaningful expression are through drawings of actual events, and the catalyst for much of the technological evolution over the course of history is the desire to find ways to record and preserve memories better, and more accurately, and durably.

While it is true that the invention of photography, and soon thereafter motion pictures, was nothing less than revolutionary, conventional photography has inherent limitations that modern technology is now beginning to overcome.

The original photographs must have been amazing at the time. An actual image recorded that at least seemed like a factual, objective rendition of life. Yet early photography was not available to the average consumer. In those first few decades, if the someone wanted to preserve their memories photographically, they most likely had to hire a professional to have a portrait done. These portraits may have been commemorative and surely held sentimental value, but they were not true recordings of daily life, and it was impossible, at least at first, to capture those spontaneous moments that wind up becoming so important.

It wasn’t that long, however, until photography found its way into the hands of consumers, and the average person could quickly get the camera and take a snapshot when they wanted to capture a memory. Over time, photographic imagery became better, and photos had color and somewhat better resolution. Although for most of the history of photography you still needed to hire a professional or at least invest in professional-grade equipment to get the best quality pictures.

Motion photography has had a similar history; eventually consumers were able to easily record their own moving images and sound, but consumer grade equipment was still somewhat lacking when it came to quality picture output.

Luckily high definition, or HD, technology is becoming the standard in the world of recorded images, both still and moving. And fortunately for consumers, HD technology is now available in some great consumer level products, like HD camcorders. With these devices, it is possible to capture life as it happens, and to relive those memories in high definition.

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