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Qadabra Ad Network Review

If you are a blogger and got rejected from Adsense then don’t worry, you have lot of ways to monetize your blog and one of the best way is using “Qadabra” ad network this ad platform was developed by Marimedia Ltd an expert in advertising and helps publishers to earn revenue with their online content. Qadabra has advertisers from all over the world and it ensures the highest paying advertiser’s ads are displayed on your site.


Benefits of Qadabra ad Network

  • Many online publishers are already earning handsome amount from Qadabra all you need is some good content and consistent amount of traffic.
  • Simplified and automated procedure and no hidden rules very easy procedure for applying.
  • Best ad formats like sliding ads, banners and much more to choose from.
  • Global ad coverage with superior customer service and best dashboard of easy understanding of statistics.
  • No minimum impressions required just have some good amount of traffic on your blog.
  • Qadabra has variety of banners with widest selection of ads which will help you to increase revenue.
  • Banners are live immediately and there is no waiting time like other ad networks.
  • Minimum payments are also very low, payouts start at just $1 payment methods include Paypal, Payoneer and Wire transfer.
  • Best customer support to solve your queries and they have experienced team to solve all your issues relating to your Qadabra account.

Qadabra Policy For Publishers

  • Qadabra does not have any tough policies for publishers just easy sign up, apply and start earning immediately.
  • Straight forward policies for profit generation.
  • Qadabra’s policy is easy as 1,2,3 no need of waiting for approval mail just sign up and implement ad code on your site.
  • Global ad coverage from Qadabra so that no country is left out and this will help publishers to earn better income

Final Words

There are many ad networks but Qadabra has its own specialty it can serve your needs for profit generation. IF you are looking for a ad platform which can serve from day 1 then just login to www.qadabra.com and implement ad code and start earning. This network is just new and is given positive results for many users but we need to wait and watch how well does this ad network will perform in the long run.

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