LG 47LX9500 TV

Product Review – LCD TV: LG LX9500 Series

Despite the LG LX9500 series being sold in both 47- and 55-inch screens, this TV review article will focus on the 47-inch because the specs are identical on both. Therefore, the only choice from the beginning would be whether to opt for the larger screen or the smaller one; however, even 47 inches looks large because of the design of the television.
LG LX9500

The Design of LG LX9500 Series

The design of the LX9500 is what sets it apart from other televisions of its type. LG focused on creating a television that minimized the frame as much as possible, which makes the screen look massive set within a 7/8″ frame. In fact, 1/4″ of the frame is transparent while the remainder is high-gloss black. The widest part of the frame is beneath the picture where the illuminated LG logo is displayed — the logo can be turned off, creating an uninterrupted black frame.
LG LX9500

LG LX9500 Picture

Unlike the smaller LG LE8500 series, the LG LX9500 Series features 3D technology that must be viewed using a set of LG 3D glasses that are not included with the television. More options and features come wrapped in the 2D mode of the television, such as presets for THX, gamma settings, and the improved Picture Wizard that helps new users get adjusted to the controls and picture setup.
LG LX9500

Fewer options are provided in 3D mode, such as three nonadjustable picture presets. Some options from the standard menu are inaccessible to ensure users don’t accidentally mess up the picture — while it would be nice to access every part of the TV, it’s not necessary.

Remote Control

One interesting feature of the LX9500 series is the remote control, dubbed the “Magic Wand.” It works similar to a Wii remote; with a flick of the wrist, menu items can be selected and onscreen buttons can be pointed to. Because of this technology, there are fewer buttons on the controller.
LG LX9500


Most high-tech televisions provide internet streaming, but LG was one of the first companies to include Netflix and other streaming media. Along with Netflix, YouTube and Vudu video can be streamed directly from the television. With the introduction of internet apps, the television becomes a small computer that accesses games from Yahoo, including Yahoo Widgets and the Twitter app.

The LX9500 includes its own games platform, which features titles such as Whack a Mole and Sudoku. Other internet goodies include Picasa and Flickr Photos, 10 custom games, calendar, and Skype — keep in mind that Skype requires an external speakerphone in order to communicate through the LX9500.

Not only does the LG LX9500 feature a large screen with minimal frame, it also produces an excellent picture with loads of internet apps to match.

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