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Prepaid Cell Phone Service and Advantages

Everyone in today’s world are familiar with the term prepaid cell phone service which means that you pay first and then you use the services or buy the talk time and services in advance. Most of the people get confused about the difference between the prepaid plans and other plans. If you are looking for a prepaid service then keep one thing in mind that every prepaid does not mean that it will be cheaper. We have to make search and compare the plans of different providers to get a cheapest one and it has lots of options we can use for getting fewer rates.

prepaid cell phone service

Two Types of Prepaid Cell Phone Service

When people are promoting prepaid services, you should understand it first before getting it. In order to understand it well, we have two main plans in this service. These main plans are regular and monthly prepaid packages but they are not the same, the only similarity between them is that you need to pay first, and you can get it without signing any contract. Also it will expire automatically soon as the period ends.

Pay as you go prepaid cell phone service

With that services you do not need to sign any contract and not even limited contract will be shown to you. The reason behind this is that you need to buy your own phone card which can be as low as ten dollars and it will act same for the long distance calls as it acts for the short distance calls. But if you use them in your cell phones they will be known as the reload cards. They can range from ten dollars to one hundred dollars. Also you can have any of them according to your need and you will have no rate difference but the only thing that is considerable is that how much you want to add and the common rate of every minute varies according to the plans or schemes of the provider.

Regular prepaid cell phone service is the type of prepaid phones which almost act same as the regular contract cell phones but you have to pay for the whole month in advance and also keep in mind that those packages are slightly more expensive than contracted plan. But the main difference is that you need to buy your own cell phone or you can use other phones. In this kind of prepaid plan, mostly there is no any contract but some times there is a limited contract. One huge benefit of those prepaid plans is the unlimited talk time which is provided in different forms like free nights, weekends or network calling. Some people think that pay as you go is the cheapest plan in prepaid plans but it’s wrong. It does not mean that if you are charged 10 cents per minute, it will not cost anything. Further if you want a phone for quick calls only then it’s the most suitable.

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