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Pest Control Software: 10 Intuitive Tools For Pest Management Companies

A pest control business is never effective without the help of pest control software. This tool helps the company in improving customer service and increasing its profitability.

pest control software

The program assists pest control professionals in connecting with their customers for better scheduling and effective management. If you belong to this industry, here are ten of the best software you can choose from:

10. CimTrax

CimTrax is a cloud-based pest management software designed to give you the latest technology on the web. It allows you to access and manage your data anywhere through your account. It’s compatible with mobile devices, giving you access via tablets and smart phones. You can order the product from their official website.

9. Bugbase

The program includes easy-to-use drawing tools for diagram creation, helping you establish highly professional services. It has a user-friendly interface that any Windows users will find familiar. You can also set or configure user level security for multiple users. A free 30-day trial is available online, allowing you to evaluate the product before purchasing.

8. AvailSuite

AvailSuite automatically helps in both customer support and sales departments’ operations. It provides analytical reports for convenient internal management and operations. It’s fully compatible with QuickBooks, allowing you to simultaneously use both programs. It’s available for one-time purchase and monthly subscription.

7. ArborSoftWorx

The software is designed not only for pest control professionals but also for similar industries such as forestry services and landscaping.

ArborSoftWorx offers a state-of-the-art platform and gives you improved data security as well as smoother data mining. Download the app online with additional tools for better computing.

6. Compu-Pest

Compu-Pest features quick online scheduling functions with full network compatibility. It allows both you and your customers to access transaction history online. You can also use the app to scan services recently made and payments received. Get your demo version through its official website.

5. Service Task

Service Task is the best alternative for pest control software because it gives you an overview of your company’s operations. It has data mining functions, helping you monitor the current needs of your clients. It features drag-and-drop scheduler to help you edit, re-order, and manage your service schedules. Try it for free before purchasing a license.

4. ServiceCEO

The application is designed to help you with basic service management including accounting and financial management. You can use this tool to handle dispatch schedules and service appointments. The software is compatible with mobile devices where you can also access summary reports. It’s available for purchase on their official site.

3. Total Office Manager

Total Office Manager has built-in field service tools to help contractors in effective dispatch. Robust accounting system and automated entries ensure no duplicates.

The dispatch board features drag-and-drop features for ease of use while the banking ledger has all necessary features for quick financial monitoring. Sign up on their website to get the program’s free demo.

2. Scheduling Manager

This software features numerous functions like customer filtering, tags, notes attachment, auto zone identification. Its job scheduling system includes tools such as separated calendars and task managers. It also includes computing algorithms for payroll management and other accounting operations. You can request for an evaluation copy online.

1. Smart Service

Smart Service is another software with full integration to QuickBooks. It allows you to efficiently schedule appointments and establish quick routes when dispatching service technicians. The program is also accessible via mobile devices for on-the-go management. You can request a demo product online before buying a license.

These tools make it easier for any business to manage their field operations. They have algorithms synched with the latest accounting tools in the market, allowing you to integrate task management with financial monitoring.

However, don’t immediately choose and buy a certain license because each app has unique features others don’t have. Request for an evaluation copy first and check what software suits your company’s needs. Some developers provide evaluation copies on their websites while other requires personal requests.

Do you know other applications worth using? Feel free to post your favorite pest control software below and visit at this page vagueware.com for an updated.

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