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What is Pay Per Click Advertising?

PPC advertising is short for Pay per click advertising. i.e. each time someone clicks on one of your adverts, you have to pay, and if they don’t click on it, then there’s no cost.

You have used search engines. The results at the very top or the sponsored links in the right hand column are what people have paid for. The idea behind it, is that more people are likely to click results at the top of the page, in much the same way as people in a supermarket are more likely to buy something at the front of the till. The hope then is that these visitors will keep coming back to your site and because you are the first name they come to, yours is the one that they are more likely to remember and make a habit of visiting.

pay per click
pay per click

However it is also important to be cautious and to not throw yourself into a campaign before checking the options available to you. You should pick a keyword that is most relevant to your website to ensure the visitors to your site will be interested in the content that you have to offer. Pay per click campaigns can be expensive, especially if you do not choose your keywords wisely.

For example you may run a sports shop and want people to buy adidas footballs online. You may think it would be logical to sponsor the phrase sports shop. However, it is wrong to assume that every person that visits your site who looks up sports shop is necessarily interested in buying adidas footballs. They may be interested in other items of sports equipment which perhaps you don’t sell.

This is why it is important to consult an internet marketing company about the best use of PPC Advertising. They can advise you on the best keywords, the ones that are the most relevant to your website and will ensure you not only get more traffic for your money, but also more crucially, people who will come back to your site.

PPC Advertising can generate a lot of business if done correctly. However, it can rapidly become expensive if campaigns are not targeted the right way. Like any service it is important to consult different companies to see what they offer and the costs involved. Making the right choice will not only save you money but also ensure that your business gets the most out of it.

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