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Open The Newest Version Of Pandora’s Box of Music

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Most people have very particular tastes in music and will typically spend a lot of time trying to find new (or old) artists that fit in with their favourite genre or style of music. This may involve looking through music-related blogs and websites, forums, or simply listening to the radio to discover new, exciting artists and bands. However, the introduction of Internet radio has made discovering great music even easier.


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Pandora, much like other Internet radio sites, allows you to find music that fits in with your specific taste. However, Pandora, and creating your playlist by using it, is very personal to you. It doesn’t take into consideration recommendations from others, it doesn’t understand different genres of music and you won’t see others rating certain bands, albums or singles.

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You initially will have to create your very own radio “station”. You can add a variety of songs that you like listening to. From here, the vastly superior software takes over. Pandora will analyse the music you have added. It will take into account certain attributes, which include the rhythm of your music, the beat, lyrics, harmony, melody and overall composition. From here Pandora will then play you songs that have very similar traits to the songs you originally added to your “station”.


The technology behind Pandora was brought to market by the creative technological skills of Will Glaser. Tim Westergren then utilised his musical talents to create what we see before us today. The company behind all of this, Savage Beast Technologies, brought the initial version of Pandora to us in 2000. However, after very rocky beginnings and near failure, since 2005 Pandora has gone from strength to strength.

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Pandora radio has now also been converted into an app, which is compatible with the vast majority of smartphones, including iPhone, Android and Windows. The radio streaming service now has well in excess of 200 million users, and approximately a third of these users are active on a monthly basis.

Social Interaction

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Music is typically all about social interaction and Pandora is no different. Once you have created your radio stations you can connect with others through the app. You can email any one of your stations to your friends and family, if there are particular songs you like you can bookmark these to either listen to or share later. You even have the ability to purchase your favourite tracks from iTunes.


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The app itself is completely free, although there is an upgraded version available for US$3.99 a month. The upgraded version of Pandora provides you will far higher quality in terms of audio, you will never be interrupted by ads, and there are a number of custom skins and a desktop application for you to use. If you sign up for the upgrade, known as Pandora one, your credit card will be charged and your subscription will be automatically renewed on a monthly basis.


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